TARDIS Gadget Skins: Doctor Who Approves

Have you ever wanted to make your mobile device look like a TARDIS? Well, now you can cloak all of your gear in some Doctor Who goodness.

Amazon Kindle TARDIS Doctor Who Cover 01

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TARDIS Cufflinks: Do Doctors Wear Such Nice Shirts?

I haven’t needed to wear cufflinks in ages, but these TARDIS links sure look cool. These novelty cufflinks will allow you to tailor your formal look with a bit of your inner geek. A touch more Doctor Who wouldn’t hurt anyone’s look.

tardis cufflinks doctor who geek wear

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TARDIS Socks: No Bigger on the Inside than Out, Still Bigger at the Calf than Ankle

While I have trouble calling any sock a spin-off sock, that’s what creator and knitter Ellen Botilda calls her TARDIS tribute socks. They were based on another pattern, but slightly altered. Now, all that I have to find is someone who will knit a pair of these for me!

tardis socks doctor who tribute ellen botilda

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Speakal Outs TARDIS and Top Gear Speakers

Speakal has just announced a TARDIS speaker for all you Doctor Who fanatics out there. Oh, and if you’re a Top Gear fan, and still like the Stig even though the real Stig betrayed Top Gear and aired the show’s dirty laundry in a tell-all book, you can dock your iPhone in a Stig helmet.


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LEGO TARDIS Needs Arduino to Power Siren: Overkill?

JustJon made this great-looking LEGO Tardis, but for some reason it needs the power of an Arduino controller. Why? Well, it powers the siren and the plays the Doctor Who theme. Is it a bit much? It’s hard to say, but it sure looks nice.

lego tardis justjon arduino doctor who

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Hackers + MIT + the TARDIS: The Doctor Is In!

A bunch of hackers and pranksters managed to plant a TARDIS on the top of Building 7 at MIT. Now that’s a great prank, if I’ve ever seen one! I like how unobtrusive this hack is. From a distance, you really need to squint to see that it’s the venerable old TARDIS that’s sitting right there.

mit tardis doctor who hack prank rush

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Love the New Doctor? Get A TARDIS Cookie Jar!

If you’re like me, you’ve already started watching the new season of Doctor Who on BBC with the new Doctor, played by Matt Smith. But if you can’t get enough of the Doctor, you might want to grab this TARDIS-themed cookie jar.

tardis doctor who science-fiction bbc cookie jar

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Doctor Who S03E13 (BBC)

I just realized for some strange reason that I had not posted my blog on the last show of Doctor Who. Well, here is the lost post.

[Ed. note: A reader mentioned that crucial parts were missing. I went over the post and edited it to add those parts. Some of them were taken from the wiki entry on his episode, which you can find here (Last of the Time Lords). I intentionally didn’t write about those parts because I didn’t want to include too many spoilers.]

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