10 Tasks Your Smartphone Can Do Around the House (Or One Day Will)

020513_rg_ThingsSmartphonesDo_01.jpgSmartphones are ubiquitous these days, and there aren’t many people who don’t have one vibrating in their pockets. They’ve also proven to be increasingly useful for tasks beyond making calls, reading emails, or browsing the internet. Here are a few common tasks where a smartphone and an app can help out beyond launching perturbed feathered friends…

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Managing Your Life with a Simple Text File

080911_rg_TextFileGTD_01.jpgThere’s one thing that almost everyone needs to do, it’s getting more organized. Many people, including ourselves, are messy by nature, and getting organized isn’t a simple task, which is why for years we’ve been using an easy way of managing most of the important things that we need to get done with a simple open text file. Here’s how you can do it too.

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