Very, Very Late Temporary Watch Tattoos: Because Who Isn’t?

If you loved temporary tattoos as a kid, then you’ll probably love Swissmiss’ new project Tattly, where they sell quite a few different sets that you can share with your friends. I especially like this tattoo, since its a watch that basically says that you’re very late, because who isn’t this time of year?

you're late tattly temporary watch tattoo swissmiss

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Animated Augmented Reality Tattoo Sings a Little Song

This isn’t just a any old tattoo, but it’s actually an animated augmented reality tattoo, which in my book makes it awesomesauce. However, I still wouldn’t want one on my skin. Would you?

qr code tattoo karl marc interactive animation techno

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3DS Augmented Reality Tattoo: Forever on His Forearm

A guy going by the name CBZ decided promptly when he got himself a Nintendo 3DS last week that the first thing he needed to do was to run out and get himself an augmented reality tattoo. I’m kind of amazed that he went through the whole thing, but it’s something that you’ll have to judge for yourself.

augmented reality nintendo 3ds tattoo cbz mii

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Geek Tattoo: The Cyborg Underneath [NSFW]

(Warning, don’t scroll down if you’re offended by side-boob.)

This has to be one of the more unusual tattoos I’ve seen in a while. Is this girl really a steampunk cyborg, or does she just have a really good tattoo artist?

cyborg underneath digitalyn tattoo robot nsfw

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Augmented Reality Tattoo Can Fly Off!

All this talk about augmented reality is cool, but this is a really cool application of this technology. The design basically involved tattooing a simple barcode onto someone’s arm.

thinkanapp augmented reality tattoo

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LA Ink

I didn’t know that Kat Von D was latin. With a name like Drachenberg, I thought that she was German or Austrian. In the latest episode, she makes the cover of Latina magazine. She tells how she was born in Mexico and that her parents are from Argentina. After quickly reading her biography, it turns out that her dad René is of German descent. Makes sense.

Some people get the ugliest tattoos, but the artists at LA Ink are really good.