WMF SmarTea Kettle: One Schmancy Tea Pot

How much tea do you drink each day? I drink a few cups, as well as at least a mug of coffee, so this might be a good addition to my modern technology-infused kitchen. This so-called “smartkettle” will update a routine that’s been pretty basic for the last few millennia.

wmf smartea teapot appliance

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Fanciful Handmade Kitchen Cozies

120810_rg_KitchenCozies_01.jpgIn any modern kitchen, a few neat details will allow you to highlight certain areas. The interesting thing is that you don’t have to spend an arm or a leg to get something that looks good. Kitchen cozies are often overlooked, and we’ve found some pretty cute designs that will make anyone who sees them smile.

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Re-Using Tea Bags: The Good, The Bad, and the Green

As most avid tea drinkers will tell you, if you are using tea bags, you can get extra use out of them if you are willing to do so. Most people just chuck them into the trash, compost heap, or recycling bin, but saving them for your next tea is also an interesting idea.

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Best Technological Kettles For Tea Lovers

While I love coffee, I can’t drink it everyday, so I drink a lot of tea. I’ve cut down on my strong Orange Pekoe tea consumption as well, to cut down on the stimulants in my diet, but I still have a cup every day. I do love drinking herbal teas. There’s just something very comforting of having a hot mug of tea in your hands. Personal favorites include anise, mint, and lemon teas. Here are some of the best tea brewers available right now.

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Training & Diet Week 5 Day 3 & 4

Pure Peppermint tea from Twinings


I had a chicken wrap, a banana smoothie, 2 milk teas. When I came home, I had some salmon sashimi, two chicken wraps, mostly veg with homemade hummus, 400g of yogurt. I was getting tired of the usual stuff, so I decided to cut down my consumption of rice.

I found small 100g cups of Carrefour-branded yogurt. I bought a dozen or so. I think it will last for a few days, at the rate that I’m eating them. It’s usual yogurt, not the drinkable kind. The price of plain yogurt is the same as the fruit-flavored one.


Today I had two milk teas, we ran out of milk, so I had some OJ with two blended nectarines. I ate some of the roasted chicken and before I left, I ate a chicken wrap with hummus. When I came home, I cooked/steamed a salmon fillet with a nice sauce, which we ate. I had 600g of yogurt throughout the day.

I also bought a bunch of herbal teas, from my fave mint/anis to Twinnings’ Pure Peppermint, to a Carrefour-branded lemon tea. I like drinking tea and it’s important that I don’t drink more than 2 cups of milk tea a day, preferably one, but you can’t be perfect.

I ran out of sugar, so I’m trying the teas without any sugar or honey. I think I need to detox from sugar as well.

Supercharge Your Compost: Make Your Own Green Fertilizer

062309_rg_composttea_01.jpgIf you have a garden, you can spend quite a bunch of money on fertilizer. Instead of doing so, what if you were able to brew your own, something like a super-compost? Well, this is actually possible by brewing a strange sort of compost tea that you would be able to use to fertilize your beloved plants. There are a bunch of different recipes out there and different gear that you can get, but the easiest way is just to do it yourself.
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3 Big Red Bulls + 2 Teas = Strange Afternoon

I had an exam today and I had about 2.5 hours of sleep last night. I studied about 20-25 hours in the last few days. I didn’t feel ready, but there was no way that I’d ever be ready. This exam covered Compacity, Completeness and Connexity.

On my way to a class, I bought three large cans of Red Bull. I can’t remember the last time I drank a Red Bull, probably in 2006 or 2004.

I was up by 6:30AM reviewing. I noticed that I was pretty sluggish, so I downed two strong milky orange pekoe teas. They started working and I ate some breakfast. I rarely eat breakfast. Today, I felt like I needed it. I was actually jonesing for some eggs since 2AM, but didn’t indulge until the morning.

I managed to study until 8AM, finish writing an article from 8AM to 8:10AM and then hopped into the shower to go to work. All three classes were there, so I couldn’t review much. I did get at least an extra hour to review. While I ate some lunch, I drank two cans of Red Bull. I was starting to feel pretty good.

I wasn’t feeling frantic or on a caffeine high. I did go to the bathroom a few times, but that’s normal for me when I have an exam. This exam went a lot better than the other one. During the test, I drank another Red Bull. It definitely helped. It was either psychosomatic or biological, but I felt quite strange afterwards. I was tired, but not tired. I was nervous and fidgety. I just wanted to go to bed.

Since I still had another article to write before signing off, I couldn’t go to bed. I had 581 blog posts to read and an article to write. It’s a little past 6PM and I’m heading to bed to watch something and to nod off, if I manage.