Buxiban Crisis And Sports Day Madness Part III

It was my final day working at my buxiban on Friday. I was supposed to work on Monday as well, but I was informed that my services were no longer required since they were going to have another big rehearsal for Sports Day. This rehearsal would involve all three schools.

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Sports Day Madness Part II

It was pointed out by Thoth that my last post on life as a teacher in Taiwan was unfinished. I have to agree with them. So, here is the next part of that post.

The owner of the three schools had just arrived and was taking notes. The teachers were all very stressed. I was the lone foreigner there and watched the spectacle. It was entertaining from multiple points of view. For one, the show was kind of cute. All these kids dancing and going through their routines. Two, seeing the teachers freaking out was also a bit funny, in a strange way.

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Echoes Of Presence

My wife.

When you live with someone you’ve known for a long time, it’s always nice to be reminded that you aren’t living alone. My wife and I work grueling schedules and still manage to see each other. Not as much as we would want, but it’s manageable.

I really enjoy seeing the echoes of her presence in the apartment. I can tell when she’s been on the computer, what she’s eaten. I can tell what she has been doing. I find this comforting at the times, when I wish she’d be with me instead of out there.

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Largest Japanese Buxiban Files For Bankruptcy

The largest buxiban in Japan called Nova Corp closed its doors on Friday as they sought protection from creditors. Nova employs 7000 people including 4000 foreigners who are all out of a job.

Many have not been paid for several months and are worrying about their visa status. 900 Australians are out of jobs and some will use reduced airfare by Qantas to go home.

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