iFixIt Tears Apart the Motorola Xoom: Is it 4G LTE Upgradeable?

As usual, iFixIt did their best to tear down the latest new gadget – the Motorola Xoom – the minute it was released. It’s taken a while before the iPad received any significant competition from other manufacturers. Will the Xoom be able to compete? While the teardown doesn’t answer that question, it did reveal one important differentiator – the Xoom may be upgradeable.

ifixit teardown tear gadget motorola tablet xoom

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New Ipod Nano Torn Down By Ifixit

091009_rg_ipodifixit_01.jpgIt hasn’t even been a day since the new iPod Nano became updated with a video camera, pedometer, and an FM tuner. Now iFixit has posted a complete teardown on this new iPod, to show you exactly what goes on inside the new Nano.

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iFixit Gadget Teardowns Lets You Peek Inside Your Devices

060409_rg_ifixit_01.jpgWe love our gadgets and gizmos, as well as our HDTVs and home entertainment systems. They are part of our daily lives and people have trouble spending time apart from them. Sometimes, you just wonder how all of these gizmos actually work. That’s why we really enjoy the iFixit site Gadget Teardowns. It delves into the guts of a cluster of different devices to see how what makes them tick.

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