Twelve South HoverBar Floats Your iPad 2 to Just the Right Spot

This new functional stand by Twelve South will allow you to prop up your iPad 2 right toward your perfect viewing spot, wherever you need it. While it’s clear the HoverBar is aimed at your home office or kitchen, I can see many people wanting to try it in the bathroom or bedroom too.

twelve south hoverbar 1

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Sexy Star Wars Pics: R2, I Can C Your 3PO Showing

I came across these interesting  photos by Homer Liwag, who mixes Star Wars and NSFW-ness. Check out on what exactly these droids are rolling on! I love how you have to stare at the photos a few times before you are sure that you’re looking at droids rolling on naked bodies.

homer liwag sexy star wars toys imaging photos

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Nintendo 3DS Concept Is Awesome

I really like Olivier Demangel’s take on the Nintendo DS. It’s true that the DSi XL has got larger screens, but Olivier’s design makes them even bigger. He calls it the Nintendo 3DS, which happens to be the name Nintendo has been using for their upcoming 3D console.

nintendo 3ds olivier demangel video games

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iFixit Rips Apart The Nintendo DSi XL

It didn’t take long for those crazy guys at iFixit to tear down a Nintendo DSi XL. Heck, it was only released in the US yesterday! What took them so long?

ifixit dsi nintendo xl teardown video games

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