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Facebook’s iPad App Hiding Inside iPhone Version

It’s been a while since the Facebook iPhone app was released, but people have been anxiously awaiting the iPad app, which, thanks to its larger screen, will make using Facebook a lot more fun. TechCrunch’s MG Siegler reports that the iPad app is actually hidden in the iPhone app codebase, and has been able to play with the app on an iPad ever since Facebook updated their iPhone app to 3.4.4 yesterday.

facebook iphone ipad app hidden code

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TechCrunch’s CrunchPad: Your Own Tablet PC for $200

041009_rg_crunchpad_01.jpgAs more and more netbooks are released, the market is slowly becoming saturated with a ridiculous amount of mobile computers. You can now choose from netbooks, laptops, and desktop replacement notebooks. From teeny tiny 7-inch screens all the way up to 18.4-inch monsters, the choices are expanding. Lenovo even makes one with two screens. A few months ago, Michael Arrington announced on his blog that he planned on creating a sort of web tablet, making complete touch screen finally available to the masses.

TechCrunch On Google Knol

TechCrunch on Google Knol. Problems for Wikipedia?

State Of The Blogosphere

Technorati publishes information about a ‘statistically significant’ study they completed. Whoever they asked what statistically significant meant didn’t give them a right answer. I don’t mean to sound overbearing, but I don’t consider a study of 1000 respondents statistically significant, that’s because I’m a math major. Definitely not enough to infer conclusions about the 1.5 million blogs that were updated this week. You need more respondents than that. Anyway, that’s just my opinion. Surveys have a way of being used anyway you what to. (via swissmiss)

Google VS Facebook

Facebook has banned Google Friend Connect.

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