Vaultskin Lexx iPhone 5 Wallet Case


If you don’t like the bulk of a wallet, when it’s coupled with your iPhone, then you should consider an iPhone wallet case. The Lexx iPhone 5 Wallet Case from Vaulskin is the slimmest wallet case currently available.

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Cloud Forest Trees Depend on Fog

Cloud Forest Trees Absorb Water Through Their Leaves From Fog

Trees in Costa Rica, as well as a number of plant species, in the tropical cloud forests quench their thirst by directly ingesting fog droplets through their leaves. These forests are in danger because of climate change, and a new study indicates that they’re even more fragile than previously thought.

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Modular Fridges: A Great Way to Share a Fridge in A Dorm

09108designlab05.jpgWhen you are living in a dorm or with roommates, how can you divide fridge-space accordingly. Usually, if you are living with roommates, each person gets a shelf in the fridge. In dorms, we’ve seen different solutions, but most of the time, it involves mini-fridges in the bedrooms themselves. That’s why we thought that this Electrolux concept fridge would work perfectly in dorms.

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Laptop Pillow: Work Even When You Are Sleeping

050609_rg_laptoppillow_01.jpgIf you’ve ever spent a crazy night out before working on Monday or find yourself sleeping it off in your cubicle, there aren’t any worse things than using your keyboard as a pillow. You usually get all these strange marks on your face, thanks to the keys, which are impossible to explain. That’s why this Laptop Pillow might help you out. It will give you the impression of working while snoozing.

OLED Lamps: Sleek and Thin

042809_rg_oled_lamps_01.jpgA lot of people are talking about OLEDs, but this is the first time I’ve actually considered that OLEDs can be used to actually light stuff up, just like LEDs. The beauty of OLED displays is that they are incredibly thin and luminescent, kind of like when LED displays first appeared. Now that LED is becoming more prevalent, a cleaner and greener alternative is also appearing in the form of OLEDs.

The About Time Clock: Moves Around to Tell You the Time

042309_rg_about_time_01.jpgHave you ever thought that your life was a bit too planned out? In our modern connected lives, it’s hard not to be around a clock of some fashion, from the one on your wrist, to the one on your cellphone, laptop and computer. Time is always present in some fashion. It’s easy to get stressed about it. That’s why we thought that the About Time clock might solve some of these issues by making time relative again. Once you are no longer counting the minutes, time flies by.