Helios iPhone Telepresence Robot: Small, Cheap & Available Soon

Telepresence robots seem to be something that some people are starting to look at, and that’s one of the reasons why two Princeton students, Tianlong Wang and Xinyi Chen created the Helios robot. It turns your smartphone into a mobile telepresence rig for far less than other solutions.

helios telepresence robot iphone

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The 500-Dollar iRobot Telepresence Hack

I get the fact that some people need telepresence, but ultimately even the cheapest options can cost you thousands. That’s why I really like this telepresence robot hack from Johnny Chung Lee. The best news is that it only costs $500.

telepresence hack irobot create netbook robot

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Anybots QB Robot Avatar: Not Quite As Advanced As James Cameron’s

While this is just the first step towards giant blue genetically engineered avatars, it’s still kind of creepy to think that you can just log onto this skinny little ‘bot,  take control of it and make it do what you want from afar – seeing what it sees through its “eyes.”

robot avatars telepresence video conference robotics anybots

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MIT’s MeBot Is Telepresence At Its Best?

Telepresence is going to be huge someday. It looks like MIT’s MeBot is the latest in telepresence robotics, which allows you to feel more like the person you are talking to is in the same room as you – assuming the person on the other end of the line looks like a robot.

mebot robot telepresence mit

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