Hawaiian Solar Observatory Granted Construction Permit


The world’s largest solar telescope will finally be built atop Haleakala, the dormant volcano that is the highest peak on the island of Maui.

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ATLAST is Being Designed to Discover Life on Planets


Years before the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is launched in 2018, astronomers and engineers have already started working on the USA’s next space telescope, named ATLAST.

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Keck II Telescope Peers into Uranus’ Depths Using Adaptive-Optics


These images showcase the fine-scale structure of the atmosphere of Uranus, and contain vastly more detail than other images. The images were taken by the adaptive-optics-equipped telescope, the Keck II, which employed its NIRC2 camera.

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Hubble Discovers NGC 1073, A Barred Spiral Galaxy Similar to Milky Way


The Hubble Telescope unveiled an eerie twin galaxy to the Milky Way today. NGC 1073, a barred spiral galaxy like the Milky Way, is located 55 million light-years away in the Cetus constellation.

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Giant Magellan Telescope Gets 7 28-Foot Mirrors and Adaptive Optics


The Giant Magellan Telescope is designed to employ a series of seven 28-foot mirrors, which will be arranged in a honeycomb pattern. It will be able to compete with space-based telescopes like Hubble and Hershel thanks to adaptive optics, which have allowed ground-based telescopes to compensate for atmospheric distortions, thanks to the lasers and measuring the backscattering of the light.

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Adaptive Optics Will Put Gemini Twin Telescopes at the Forefront of Astronomy Again


Together, the twin telescopes of the Gemini Observatory, which consists of two 8.1 m (27 ft) telescopes in Hawaii and Chile, provide almost complete coverage of both the northern and southern skies and have been lauded among the largest and most advanced optical and IR telescopes available to astronomers. However, in recent years, it has lagged in scientific productivity, as money was wasted on ambitious projects which never came to term. Last week at the American Astronomical Society in Austin, Texas, Frederic Chaffee, who was drafted out of retirement to become Gemini’s interim director less than a year ago, showed off results from new instruments.

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Life-Size Plywood Hubble Telescope Won’t Ever Go Into Orbit

These amazing sculptures were created by the Australian artist Peter Hennessey.  And no, they can’t fly. They’d probably burn up on lift-off if you even tried to launch one into space.

peter hennessey hubble plywood space ship

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