The CD Spindle Case Terrarium Atomic Shrimp

CD and DVD spindle cases can be reused in a variety or purposes, but this is the first time I’ve seen them reused as a terrarium. With only a few steps you can make your own small terrarium that will grow over a period of days.

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Pendant Glass Light Terrarium From Prague


We love terrariums. From recycled bottle terrariums to light-bulb terrariums, these little pockets of green seem to be able to put life in the strangest places. These pendant light terrariums look like a nice way of having something green and something bright at the same time. They almost look like miniature terrariums, but their overall size is big enough for everyone to enjoy.

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A Terrarium Is Perfect If You Have No Place For A Garden

If you don’t have space for plants nor a garden, then maybe you should get a terrarium. We can’t seem to decide if this is retro-chic or geeky, but it will turn heads, there’s no doubt about that.
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