Tetris Sculptures: Get Stacking!

Tetris is an amazing game. I have played that game for hours upon hours on the funky green screen of my old Game Boy. There have been many different versions of the game that have released over the years, but there’s something just so right about the original. The artist behind these sculptures must have felt the same way, with these clearly Tetris-inspired sculptures.

tetris sculptures real life

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Tetris Skull & Cross-bones T-Shirt: Pirates of the Game Boyean

Sure, skull and bones designs are a dime a dozen, but this t-shirt has something special going for it. If you look at the t-shirt from afar, you’ll notice something pixel-like about the design. Once you look closely, you’ll see the intricacy of the design, and realize that it’s made from Tetris blocks.

tetris skull bones t-shirt thinkgeek nintendo

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Tetris Link Board Game More Like Connect 4 Than Actual Tetris

How man hours did you play Tetris on your green-screened Game Boy? I played for a long time, until I passed level 12 and it was just too much for me. Now, after more than 26 years, Tetris has been turned into a board game.

tetris video game board link john adams retro

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Analog Tetris: Add Some Brawn to Your Video Gaming Life

It’s true that most video gaming involves sitting in front of some kind of monitor or HDTV, unless you’re playing Wii-Fit or Dance Dance Revolution. In an effort to make video gaming a bit healthier, a few Spanish designers have come up with Analog Tetris, the Tetris game that needs some brawn! Okay, not that much brawn, but more than pushing buttons on a controller or keyboard.

analog manual tetris nintendo physical video games

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The Tetris Machine: Finally Tetris in Real Life

030909_rg_realtetris_01.jpgI can’t remember the amount of hours that I played Tetris on the Gameboy, the original green-lit one. I could never really get past level 13 or 14. At one point, it was just raining Tetris blocks. I think that this game probably marked a whole generation. I’ve never really found a really good puzzler and I’ve kind of grown out of them. Nowadays, when I think of old-school gaming, I think of Geometry Wars. The game is merciless. Back to Tetris. Finally, someone has brought Tetris to life. Does it play good?

REK: An Amazingly Unique Tetris-Like Bookcase

For anyone who loves books, there is always a quandary: how to store them efficiently. The other thing is that most book collections will expand over the years. This makes you add bookcases, usually from different manufacturers, making your living room and home theater room probably a little more cluttered that you’d like. REK is a technological piece of furniture, and it reminds us a lot of our favorite puzzle game, Tetris.