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  • Garbled Text Messages Could Indicate Stroke

    Dystextia is when a person sends garbled messages, it could simply be that the auto-correct is turned off or that there is something else is going on. Scientists have discovered that dystextia could indicate some kind of a stroke, if taken in context with other symptoms. Read more @ SciTechDaily

  • WhatsApp Messenger: Now Free for iOS

    WhatsApp is arguably one of the most popular cross-platform messenger apps available out there. Though until now, WhatsApp hasn’t been free on iOS. You had to shell out $0.99 to get it on your iPhone. Well, for a limited time, WhatsApp is free. Read more @ Technabob

  • Freehands Soft Shell Skiglove: Don’t Let the Cold Dissuade You from Texting

    While I’ve kind of been able use my iPhone while wearing my motorcycle gloves, it’s never been a perfect way to use any touch-based device. That’s why Freehands has come up with a waterproof glove that will allow you to use your smartphone and media players to your heart’s content. Unlike other gloves with capacitive…

  • The Totem Pole of Communication

    Like many viewers, who saw HBO’s Girls last week, one of the most intriguing parts of the show was when a girl instructed her friend on the totem pole of chat. That term has been in my mind for the last week or so and I’ve spent time thinking about the idea. In our modern…

  • LG Doubleplay: Split Keyboard Android Phone for Power-Texters

    There’s no doubt that LG’s latest phone was designed for teenage hyper-texters. You know the kind, the ones that can text without even looking at their miniature keyboards, the touch-texters. The LG Doubleplay has a split keyboard for even faster typing, and comes with a secondary touchscreen which sits between the two halves of the…

  • Smartphones & Conversations

    It’s pretty annoying when you’re talking someone, and then they whip out their smartphone and merely grunt assertions. It’s probably happened to many of us, but it’s extremely rude and if it happens, we shouldn’t stand for it. “I’m fine with people stepping aside to check something, but when I’m standing in front of someone…

  • Healthy Uses For Your Home Tech

    While there are some drawbacks with having a lot of tech in your home, there are also some benefits. The Internet and computers have made things that were hard in the past very easy. Take a look at our list of healthy things that you can do with technology. Read Full Post

  • Ultra-Tiny Bluetooth Keyboard: So Small It’s Almost of No Use

    If you’re getting annoyed with your touchscreen devices, instead of getting a Crackberry, why not try this ultra-tiny keyboard with your existing gadgets? Read more @ Technabob