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  • The Amazing Race Go Out and Get It Done S19E12 (CBS)

    Teams are heading to Atlanta, their final destination. They must make their way to Flight Safety International. Amani/Marcus live in Atlanta. The other teams think they have an edge. All the teams are on the same flight. Teams will take to the skies in a multi-million dollar Learjet simulator. Ernie is the first to crash […]

  • The Amazing Race We Are Charlie Chaplin S19E11 (CBS)

    Andy/Tommy customized their Mustangs. Teams are leaving the Atomium. They must dress up as characters from Tintin. They are Dupont and Dupond. They don’t know who Tintin is or what costume they are wearing. Jeremy/Sandy are second to leave, about 30 minutes after the boarders. They find out that they are looking for Tintin. They […]

  • The Amazing Race Release the Brake S19E10 (CBS)

    Teams are traveling through Belgium. They must drive to the Ford Proving Grounds in Lommel. Ernie/Cindy are 2nd. They need to star the next leg of the race. Jeremy/Sandy are 3rd. Andy/Tommy are still doing their body building routine. They finally finish and leave. Bill/Cathi also leave.

  • The Amazing Race It’s Speedo Time S19E09 (CBS)

    Teams make their way to the statue of Hans Christian Andersen. They face a Roadblcok which involves memorizing a Hans Christian Andersen poem. They must ride a bike to a theater and recite it. Cindy does it. The poem is only 4 lines. She gets it on the 1st try and gets the clue.

  • The Amazing Race A Trip for Two to Fiji S19E08 (CBS)

    Teams are leaving Malawi for Copenhagen, Denmark. There is a Double U-Turn ahead. They must drive themselves to Vor Frelsers Kirke bell tower. Andy/Tommy are feeling the pressure of winning 5 legs. Ernie/Cindy plan on using the U-Turn. All of the teams leave within a few minutes of each other.

  • The Amazing Race Move Goat S19E07 (CBS)

    Teams are leaving for Salima. There is a Double U-Turn ahead. The bus leaves at 7AM. All of the teams leave before 6:07 AM. All of the teams except Amani/Marcus are on the same bus. Thanks to some negotiating, they get into it. They are also in front, so it will be easier to get […]

  • The Amazing Race We Love Your Country Already It Is Very Spacious S19E06 (CBS)

    Teams are going to Malawi, Africa. They must make their way to a tobacco warehouse. Jeremy/Sandy depart 2.5 hours after the first teams but that doesn’t matter because everyone is on the same flight. Malawi is one of the least developed countries in the world. The main export is tobacco.

  • The Amazing Race I Feel Like I’m in the Circus S19E05 (CBS)

    Teams will make their way to Under Adventures. There, they must take some elephants to their next clue. Andy/Tommy are Christian and happy about it. They tell about some verses that they hold dear. Then, they get on some elephants.

  • The Amazing Race This is Going to Be a Fine Mess S19E04 (CBS)

    Teams are leaving for Phuket, Thailand. Andy/Tommy help out Laurence/Zac at the airport. They left within 10 minutes of each other. The next team leaves over an hour later. Four teams leave within a few minutes. They are Jeremy/Sand, Justin/Jen, Ernie/Cindy and Amani/Marcus. The other two teams are 15 minutes behind the main bunch.

  • The Amazing Race Don’t Lay Down On Me Now S19E03 (CBS)

    Teams will join a team of local bicycle enthusiasts. All of the teams depart within an hour of each other. They must travel to a restaurant by taxi in the countryside. Jen crashes into a pedestrian. Ernie loses a pedal. They are passed by Liz/Marie and Jeremy/Sandy. Then Bill/Cathi pass them as well. Justin/Jen pass […]