The Facebook Exodus

Virginia Heffernan’s column from last year on the Facebook exodus was compelling. I had been reading Heffernan’s Medium for a while until it shut down last year. I recently discovered that she has a column in the NYT Mag.

Back to Facebook. I know that I haven’t been using it anymore. Why? You can easily waste a lot of time and it can give you the illusion of having a social life. I don’t like it. I keep in contact with my friends using email and the phone.

Google’s Life Photo Archive

I didn’t really know about this, but Google meticulously scanned all of Life Magazine’s photos and made them available online. Only, they didn’t bother in creating associated content, just dumped the whole thing online. Virginia Heffernan gives her opinion via The Medium of the NYT.

Heff and Facebook

Personally, I haven’t been on Facebook this year. I love saying that. The Heffster (Virgina Heffernan) gives her view of status updates on FB.

I hate Twitter. Let’s create a generation of scatterbrains. Even worse is the fake twittering that people do via computers, instead of using SMS or mobile apps.

Sepia No More

Great article on flickr and some of its well known photographers by Virginia Heffernan at the NY Mag, via the New York Times. Hawk commented on this and it’s been picked up by Digg as well.