The Prefect by Alastair Reynolds

It took me a while to get this book, but I finally managed to buy and read it. The only trouble is that it took me about 4 hours to read this book. I guess I’ll just have to be happy to read Pushing Ice and House of Suns again later this week.

The Prefect is the first of Alastair Reynolds’ books that takes place during the so-called Golden Age of humankind. Chasm City is almost in La Belle Époque, but during the voyage from Sky’s Edge to Yellowstone, the Melding Plague hit and La Belle Époque was over.

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Books I Read Today

I finished reading Century Rain by Alastair Reynolds today. This was the second time I read that book. I read Iain M. Banks’ new Culture novel, Matter. I tried, once again, to get The Prefect by Alastair Reynolds, but failed again.

I started reading Metal Swarm by Kevin J. Anderson.

The Ghost Brigades

Well, I’ve just finished The Ghost Brigades, the second novel from John Scalzi in the Old Man’s War universe. It was pretty entertaining as well.

Book 3 is The Last Colony, which came out last year. Book 4 is coming out in August and it’s called Zoe’s Tale.

While I await to purchase The Last Colony next week, as well as, hopefully, Metal Swarm from Kevin J. Anderson, The Prefect and House of Suns by Alastair Reynolds and the last Dune book, which I haven’t yet read. I’m anxiously awaiting Anathem from Neal Stephenson.

I’m kind of pissed that Scalzi is actually already reading Anathem and has received The Prefect earlier this year. (Die Scalzi, die!)

What made me read Scalzi? I’ve been reading his blog for about 5 months. That in itself isn’t really what made me decide to start reading his work. It’s actually because I saw the had Old Man’s War out for free as an ebook. It’s no longer available, but I was curious.

His writing is peculiar. Like I mentioned before, there is a sardonic wit present in his stories, which is mostly absent from the more hard hitting science-fiction. Just think about the premise of Android’s Dream. A trade negotiator kills his alien rival during a set of talks by farting him to death thanks to a stick up his ass.

The Dreaming Void

I just finished The Dreaming Void by Peter F. Hamilton. I really liked it. I started it on Sunday and had a hundred pages left today. Luckily, The Temporal Void will be published in October 2008, so the wait isn’t that long to find out what will happen next.

I wonder why The Prefect by Alaistair Reynolds is so hard to get. I tried getting it last year when it was published, but it was to no avail.