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Moshi iGlaze Case for MacBook Air Lets You Change Colors Without a Paintjob

While I’m fine with the aluminum finish of my MacBook Pro, there are others who just long for the look of the old plastic MacBook again. Well instead, you can now customize the look of your MacBook Air by getting the Moshi iGlaze, which will change the color of your Mac to a nice retro white or black.

moshi iglaze black

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HTC One X: Thinnest HTC Phone Yet

Recently, HTC admitted that they have way too many models, something anyone could have told them, and that their models are too thick compared to what’s available on the market. The new flagship phone, the HTC One X, aims to correct at least one of these problems. The new model will be available April 5th and it packs some solid tech under its hood.

htc one x android smartphone

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JVCs 31mm Thin Home Theater System Available November

101409_rg_JVCthin_01.jpgWe really enjoy when manufacturers try different ideas. JVC is trying an ultra-thin home theater system that mounts on your wall. This system even includes flat, wall-mounted speakers.

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World’s Thinnest MP4 Player


Is your music player just too thick for you? This is the world’s slimmest player and is only 4.5mm thick. It has a built-in radio and allows playback of MP4, MP3, WMA, ASF and WAV files. It can also record from the radio.

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Sony’s 9.9mm Thin LCD HDTV


Sony just unveiled the KDL-40ZX1, which at just 9.9mm is the world’s thinnest LCD HDTV. The Sony HDTV panel nearly halves the depth of Hitachi’s thin model, and comes extremely close to Pioneer’s ultra thin concept TV.

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