Why Thomas Hawk Hasn’t Bought An Ipad

I liked this post by Hawk about why he didn’t buy an iPad yet.

Twitter TOS Problems

Twitter doesn’t really know when to act when it comes to abuse. Ariel Waldman has been stalked and verbally harassed for two years through Twitter. Unlike Digg and Flickr, Twitter has not banned the stalker. (via tom hawk)

Sepia No More

Great article on flickr and some of its well known photographers by Virginia Heffernan at the NY Mag, via the New York Times. Hawk commented on this and it’s been picked up by Digg as well.

Aliza Shvarts

Aliza Shvarts is an art student. She supposedly got artificially inseminated as many times as possible over a 9 month period, and took abortifacient drugs to miscarry as many times as possible. The documented this and is launching her exhibit.

This is some kind of performance art thing. I’m not sure it actually happened. But other media have picked up the news.

Warren Ellis on the Eliza Shvarts thing. Some more from Ellis. Some of Shvarts’ art.

Banksy Strikes Again

Banksy strikes again with his biggest London mural right underneath a CCTV camera! (via TomHawk)

Zooomr Problem

I’ve been trying to access my Zooomr photos since last Wednesday and haven’t been able to. Does anyone else have this problem? My wife told me that she could access the site in Taiwan, but I’m in Canada and I haven’t had any luck whatsoever.


jUploadr finally works again with Zooomr! jUploadr does bulk uploads. (via tomhawk)

Zooomr Exodus

Some Zooomr users have gone over to Flickr in frustration with the unavailability of 6 months worth of photos on Zooomr.

Finis Undwerwater MP3 Player

Thomas Hawk tries out the Finis underwater mp3 player.