Apple’s Stellar Severance S01 In A Corporate World

Someone recommended Severance to me. The way I usually gauge new shows is that one recommendation isn’t enough to sway me, but I waited for a couple to make a more significant impact before diving into it. I wasn’t disappointed. There’s a reason why Netflix is freaking out. The way to go is to have more curated experience in shows, to go for quality over quantity. This is probably one of the best TV shows that’s I’ve seen in a while, in a world filled with ST: Picard (🗑).

Warning: Some spoilers ahead.

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Spectre Review – James Bond 24


As I exited the IMAX theater, I left with mixed feelings about this James Bond movie. In my memory, Skyfall was a great James Bond movie, that I liked a lot. Casino Royale was also very good. Quantum of Solace was OK, but still not as bad as this.

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Misplaced Allegiance (NBC)

There has been a lack of good spy thriller shows for a while now, and thanks to a few new ones, like Allegiance on NBC, the genre is making a strong comeback. Allegiance is based on the Israeli TV show The Gordin Cell.

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Francis Urquhart & House of Cards

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You might think that, but I’m afraid that I couldn’t possibly comment.
Francis Urquhart

When I was younger, I enjoyed two famous dramas on PBS from the UK. They were mini-series and both had Ian Richardson. The first was Porterhouse Blue and the second was the House of Cards trilogy.

In House of Cards, Ian Richardson portrayed the Machiavellian Francis Urquhart and his quest to for power. It slipped my mind that Richardson actually died in 2007. Anyway, I just spent some time yesterday watching House of Cards again. Needless to say that it’s pretty good. I’m unsure if I have seen all three mini-series, but I’ve just started watching To Play King.

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The Happening

Wow, that was a terrible movie. Terrible acting, terrible writing, terrible shooting, terrible production… Just plain bad. I’m so surprised that the guy behind Unbreakable, The Sixth Sense and Signs came up with this BS.

It could have been a great movie, M. Night Shyamalan just messed it up. 20 minutes in, some crazy guy says that it’s the plants! Yeah. John Leguizamo was terrible. Marky Mark wasn’t too far behind, but Zooey Deschanel was terrible as well. There isn’t much you can do with a stinker script.

Shyamalan should just stick with coming up with ideas for movies, and stay away from writing, directing and producing movies. That’s three stinkers in a row, if I count The Lady in the Water. The Village wasn’t so bad. i did enjoy that one.

Cebu Thriller

The Cebu Thriller video is an homage to the Michael Jackson Thriller video of 1983. It went viral about a year ago. It’s still entertaining to watch. They have a wiki entry as well. (YouTube)

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