Big Brother US S09E20 (CBS)

Chelsia isn’t happy that she got screwed over by having feelings for James. She doesn’t want to leave. She cries. James consoles her. Nat thinks that Alzheimer’s disease is All-Timer’s disease. She spells night N-I-T-E. Orange and green make brown. Chelsia can’t stand her. She’s very ignorant. She destroys Natt’s Easter eggs. She then happily smashes the other eggs. She picks on Nat. It’s kind of funny. Adam and Ryan watch her on the screen.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Big Brother US S09E19 (CBS)

Chelsia says that it was a smart move to nominate her, because otherwise she would do anything to get James off the block. Everyone wants James out, that’s what Chelsia thinks. Sheila tries to hug Chelsia, but she doesn’t want it.
Nat congratulates Adam on his move. Sheila doesn’t like James and Chelsia. She thinks that they are being childish.

Sheila is congratulating Adam as well. James and Chelsia are putting in an overconfident happy manner. Josh tells Chelsia that she’s probably going to stay because everyone wants James out. James tries to make Chelsia to throw the POV competition because he’s already been evicted once. Chelsia isn’t about to do that.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Big Brother US S09E18 (CBS)

Adam will probably nominate James this week. Sheila flip-flops around the issues a lot. She goes from one alliance to the other. Nat thinks that Matty is her soulmate. She’s pathetic, since he doesn’t want anything to do with her.

Adam says in the diary room that he didn’t want to be the HoH, but in the end he probably wanted to lead the house for one week. Adam doesn’t want a target on his back, but he will after this week.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Big Brother S09E17 (CBS)

Nat is angry at James for nominating Matt. Nat is crying. She’s got feelings for him, but he doesn’t have any for her.
James tells Matt that he doesn’t like the way he treats Nat. He starts to talk about his mom. He starts to cry. He wanted to come out with something. James doesn’t give a shit. Matt and Nat commiserate together in the bedroom. It’s not like he’s dying. My god, these people are annoying. It’s the end of the world! Matt continues to cry, like a pussy.

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Big Brother US S09E16 (CBS)

James would like Ryan to leave. Matt is surprised that Nat protected him this way. He thanks her profusely. She wants a bunch of massages in exchange. It came naturally to her.

Josh is once again playing two sides.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Big Brother US S09E15 (CBS)

The house is divided. When he left, James asked everyone to sit down. He only said goodbye to Chelsia. He felt betrayed by the rest of the HM since only Chelsia voted to keep him. Sharon found it very hard. She cried. Julie reveals that three HM voted for the mystery HM. It was Ryan, Matt and Sheila.

Adam and Nat felt bad about voting James out so they voted him back in. Matt is such a liar. He pretends that he voted James back in. Adam is the first to abandon after 15 minutes. Josh falls off next. Matt falls off afterwards.

James is getting pissed off at Nat, she keeps talking and talking. Sheila admits that she voted for the mystery guest. He thanks her for not lying. Josh talks smack about Sheila. After an hour she falls off. Josh tries to cut a deal with Nat. She doesn’t want to come down.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Big Brother US S09E14 (CBS)

Is it me, or is Chelsia looking fatter than before? She’s got a good double chin in the works. She should go on the slop diet.

Plastic Chen says that the house exploded after Ryan nominated James. After Ryan told this to the house, Matt is pouncing around in the yard.

Chelsia is pissed at Ryan. They have a little tiff in the HoH room. He has a little talk with Josh, who says he is grateful that Ryan didn’t nominate him. Sharon thinks that she is going home. James is depressed and lying in a foetal position. Matty just has a big mouth. He can’t just leave things alone. Sharon has to intervene to get Josh to chill out.

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