Lexon Flip Alarm Clock: Flip It to Shut It off

There are plenty of mornings when I opt to snooze or reset my alarm for a later time. That’s not always good, but if you can afford this luxury, it’s nice to indulge for a few extra minutes of sleep. And if you’re ready to turn off the alarm entirely, it can be a pain to fumble about looking for the alarm “OFF” switch as it beeps incessantly. This Lexon alarm clock allows you to easily turn off your alarm without fumbling around for buttons.

lexon flip alarm clock

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Take Time Reinvents the Pocket Watch

I’ll admit that from time to time, I do want to carry around a pocket watch, but the obsessiveness of always being on time and knowing the exact time, right down to the second takes precedence in my timely, regimented world. However, even if it’s not necessarily the most accurate way of telling time, I do like this modern reinterpretation of the classic pocket watch.

lexon take time mathieur lehanneur

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Perceptive Time Slows Down for Athletes before They Act


Scientists at the University College London have discovered that an individual’s perception of time does seem to slow when they prepare to make a physical action. The study indicates that in professional athletes, this capacity might be increased.

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Proposed Thorium Neutron-Based Clock Would be Accurate for Billions of Years

An ultra-high vacuum chamber houses an ion trap where single thorium atoms are suspended and laser-cooled to near absolute zero temperature. (Alexander Radnaev)

Scientists are proposing the building of a hyper-accurate nuclear clock that would lose only one-tenth of a second over 14 billion years, the current age of the universe. This design would be 100 times more accurate than atomic clocks available today and could be used in applications such as high-precision GPS satellites, and experiments that probe the fundamentals of physics and relativity.

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Nooka App for iOS: The 99 Cent Nooka Watch

Clock apps for iOS are nothing new, but the unique style of Nooka watches allows their new app to showcase how you can tell time on a number of different Nooka products. The Nooka app displays time in a variety of face designs, including Nooka’s zot, zenh or zirc face modes.

nooka watch app 1

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Alcatraz Cal Sweeney S01E04 (Fox)

Alcatraz intertitle, via Wikipedia

Alcatraz is J.J. Abrams next show, and it’s currently being broadcast on Fox. The overall setup is eerily similar to Fringe, since it features an FBI task force investigating crimes, however that’s where the similarities end. Although, the show does feature Jorge Garcia from Lost and another blonde female lead, à la Anna Torv, but she’s much younger and starts out as a detective before getting assigned to Hauser and his team.  It turns out that Alcatraz was never closed. The prisoners just vanished and they have started reappearing for some unknown purpose. Each of them accomplishes some task for some nefarious over mind that we’ve yet to meet. The exact mechanics of the transport is unknown, but certain clues point towards wormholes of some kind.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

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