LEGO New York Times Building: “T” is for Fun

Japanese LEGO artist Sachiko Akinaga created this unique LEGO building that resembles the iconic logo for the New York Times Magazine. It’s set in a fictional Central Park. The sculpture will be used as the cover for the winter travel issue of the magazine.

lego times sachiko akinaga model magazine new york central park

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Americans Squatting in their Foreclosed Homes

Some families are moving right back into their foreclosed houses. And why shouldn’t they?

Don’t Worry Emily Gould

Emily Good on the cover of the Times Magazine
Emily Gould on the cover of the Times Magazine

Hey Emily, don’t worry. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I like what you write. Your blog is part of the few blogs that I read fully. I don’t skim.

As for your friend, she’s just jealous of your talents. The more successful you become, the more hater you’ll have. Don’t worry about your tattoo. I find it fetching.

Personally, I can’t stand people writing in caps. That should be banned.

I think of you as Ladytron-like for no other reason that you’ve spent some time in Russia and Ladytron has a few songs in Bulgarian.

I really like your Mind Googling concept.

That’s it.

Oh, and remember Susannah? Well, you can get your fix of Schadenfreude by reading this.