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How To Make Your Phone Battery Last

outdoor cell phone.jpgIt’s not always possible to charge your smartphone while traveling outside city limits and into the great outdoors. That being said, there are easy ways of conserving your phone’s power while exploring the wild…

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5 Smart Tech Upgrade Cycle Tips

070612_rg_SmallTechUpgrade_01.jpgBeing afflicted with tech envy, one can find themselves easily convinced upgrades are necessary with every model release. While some people absolutely need new tech for their work, most of us can do without it. Here’s how you can survive the vicious cycle of upgrades without unnecessarily breaking the bank…


Quickly Adjust Volume on Macs Bit by Bit & More Tips

121511_rg_VolumeTip_01.jpgThere are good things and bad things about having a software-based volume dial. Most PC laptops have a rotary dial that allows for fine adjustments. On MacBooks, you have to press the volume up and down buttons, which aren’t always as precise. Ever since Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, you can finely adjust the volume of your Mac using this simple trick.

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How to Speed Up Your Next Virus Scan

120511virusscan.jpgDepending on how much data is on your drive(s) and how old your computer is, running a deep virus scan can take between “Zzzzz” and “forever”. But over the years, we’ve learned a few tricks to help speed up the process of scanning for viruses…

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Tips For Setting Up An All Glass Desk

113011_rg_FrostedGlassDesks_01.jpgSelecting a glass desk for your workstation invites both pros and cons. While they can look great with their transparent, open space presence, the flipside is everything is exposed. Without planning, all those cables and wires you can usually hide with a solid desk becomes a visual eyesore, but there are a few techniques and accessories which can outfit your glasstop desk for both utility and aesthetics…

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Getting the Most Out of an Older MacBook or iMac

062711_rg_GetMostMac_01.jpgNot everyone can update their computer every year, which is why it makes sense to try and get the most out of your computer, especially if it’s a Mac, which usually cost more than their PC equivalents. There are many things that you can do to make your computer last as long as possible, before you need to spend your precious cash on a new one.

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Ensuring That Your Data Isn’t Stolen Off Your Console

042711_rg_PSNDataTheft_01.jpgAs well as changing your passwords, here are some easy steps that you can take to ensure that you personal data will never be stolen off your console. We’ve worked this way for years with our Xbox 360 and it’s never been a problem.

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