Velocite Millennium & 135mm F/2 VC & Nikon D700

SRAM Red rear derailleur

My wife got herself a Nikon D700 and a 135mm F/2 VC lens on Monday. It’s a significant upgrade compared to my D200, because of the FX sensor, but I was mostly interested by the 135mm lens that she got. It’s a lens that enables you to control the focus and defocus, as Nikon puts it.

Basically, it lets you control the amount of bokeh in your photos. Anyway, it’s supposed to be a great portrait lens. I found it really nice to take photos of bikes.

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Velocite Millennium Elite SRAM Red

Velocite Millennium + SRAM Red

Here are some new photos that I took of the Velocite Millennium. Now before you comment on my riding position, I’d just like to mention that I had some back problems last month. That’s why the handlebars are a bit high. They’ll come down in a few weeks and I’ll have it cut down further, dropping a few more grams.

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2010 Velocite Millennium Preliminary Build

2010 Velocite Millennium Elite*

I went to the shop and took some photos with a recharged battery. It’s the day after we’ve received the components and the bike still looks good. The 2010 Velocite Millennium is Velocite’s top of the line bike. It’s made out of titanium and has got a lifetime warranty. It’s also got a 3-year replacement warranty for crashes. This frame sells for $1,899 USD.

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Ritchey BreakAway Ti MTB Frameset

Tired of traveling without having your trusty bike along?

The Ritchey BreakAway is a bike frameset that fits in a handy bag, which weighs about 30lbs, including the bike and its components.

The titanium version of the frame is available for $2500. The bag is optimized to fit the size of the wheels.

It’s a great concept, especially for all of those people traveling the world with their bikes. Whar I really like is that it’s like any other normal mountain bike, excep that it fits in a bag. I wonder how the bike holds up to aggressive mountain biking.

This would make a great second or third bike for when you travel. It’s just a different frameset. This is a really nifty idea.

Coupled with a lefty carbon fiber fork, a carbon fiber seatpost, carbon fiber wheels and other nice components, it could be a sweet 20lbs hardtail ride. The frame itself weighs about 3.6lbs.