Hue Toaster: Make Perfectly Brown Toast Each & Every Time

You know, when my toaster doesn’t get my piece of toast just right, I get really pissed off! OK, I don’t actually get that mad, but burnt toast is definitely an annoyance. Toaster tech hasn’t evolved much in the last century, but this smart toaster concept aims to take things into the 22nd century and beyond, at least for toast-making.

hue toaster concept

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Space Invaders Toaster: Aliens Burnt My Breakfast

If you find yourself playing a lot of old school games, like Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and others, then I’ve found the perfect toaster for you. It will start out your day in a great way, while reminding you of your retro-gaming passion.


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The Amazing See Through Toaster

102309_rg_seethrutoast_01.jpgThere is something extremely satisfying about a well-thought out design. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a difference. This is definitely true for this see-through toaster.

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After Latte Printer Comes Toaster Printer


A few weeks ago, we reported about a latte printer that printed images on foam. Now you can print things on your toasts as well. The Scan Toaster printer is the brainchild of South Korean designer Sung Bae Chang.

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