Vinci Tab II: The Tablet You Won’t Mind Toddlers Playing With

I’m no longer surprised to see toddlers playing with iPads and iPhones, but I have to say that I’d rather have them playing with something that’s actually made for them, kind of like the Vinci Tab II tablet.

vinci tab ii kids

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Totoya Creatures iPad/iPhone Cases Make Gadgets Even More Kid-Friendly

We all know that kids love iPads and iPhones. They love the games, the touch-based OS and basically it’s impossible to get your iDevice back when it gets into the hands of a toddler. The Totoya Creatures cases are meant to house your iPhone or iPad and encourage your kids to play with them even more.

totoya creature cases

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i-Wood Chalkboard Wooden “Laptop”: Fun Way to Surf with Your Toddler

The i-Wood looks like a great way to surf with your toddler. The wooden chalkboard is shaped like a laptop, perfect to let your kid emulate his or her parents, each typing away on their respective laptops. Sounds cool, but I already know quite a few toddlers who use iPhones and iPads. Still it’s a nice-looking, portable chalkboard for those time you don’t want kids getting their fingerprints all over your iDevice.

i-wood laptop wooden chalkboard kids toddlers fun

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KWID Watch Uses Digital Hourglass to Tell Time: Kind of Like Old School Windows

Remember that annoying hourglass from Windows ‘95? It was a very frustrating reminder to all us geeks at how much we hated Micro$oft. Still, it looks like this concept has been revived in the form of a watch that even toddlers can read.


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Kottke On How to Revive Dead Play-Doh

Kottke discovers the secret way of reviving dead and dried out Play-Doh.

Netbooks For Toddlers: Good or Bad?

020909_rg_bandainetbookforkids_01.jpgWith the new trend towards netbooks, these subnotebooks are getting more and more affordable. This means that as time goes by, it’s easier for parents to buy an extra computer for their family. How about buying that extra netbook for your toddler? Hadn’t thought of that? Well, Bandai has and they are offering a few different branded netbooks for your little tyke, to usher in the era of the netbook.