Kohler Numi $6,400 Toilet: Flush Your Money Away

Last week, Kohler unveiled a $6,400 toilet that will blow your socks off. Seriously though, I can’t fathom paying that amount of money for a toilet. You could buy a used car, or a nice home theater for that kind of cash.

kohler numi toilet bidet bathroom luxury

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FMyLife and Dirty Jeans

Today, my dad told me he knew exactly where to poke me in the stomach to make me have instant diarrhea. I joked and said I didn’t believe him. I am now stuck cleaning shit out of my favorite jeans. FML

The Incredible 2-in-1 Loo! Perfect for Men and Women

060509_rg_ultimate_toilet_01.jpgWe can’t remember the amount of times that we’ve heard people complain about the fact that the seat of the toilet was up and “someone” didn’t put it down. It’s almost always men who do this since they can use the toilet standing up. Instead of getting riled at your partner for doing this continually, why don’t you just get this fabulous transforming toilet?

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