14-Year Old Submits Watch Design to Tokyoflash: Not Too Shabby!

There are a bunch of new designs that have been posted on the Tokyoflash blog. Most interesting is the one from Tynan Mayhew from Canada. What’s amazing is that this comes from a 14-year old kid! What were you doing at 14? Probably not designing really cool watches, eh?

tokyoflash tynan mayhew watch timepiece

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Tokyoflash Night Vision Watch: How Not to Stay Hidden at Night

Here’s another new concept watch from those guys over at TokyoFlash. They call it Night Vision and it actually looks pretty good, thanks to the bright green lights on the face of the watch.

tokyoflash japan watch timepiece night vision

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Tokyoflash Kisai Broke Watch Looks Like Shards of Broken Glass

I don’t know whether I love it or hate it, but this is a really distinctive watch, made by those nutty watchmakers over at Tokyoflash.

tokyoflash timepiece watch japan kisai broke

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Tokyoflash Supersonic: New Concept Watch Perfect For Robots

Tokyoflash’s latest concept watch looks cool enough to be used by our robot overlords! Assuming robots wore watches, that is. The Supersonic has bold modern looks and a sleek smoked black hexagonal face.

tokyoflash supersonic watch timepiece japan

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Tokyoflash Binary Flow Watch Is Extremely Hard to Read

I don’t know about you guys, but when I glance at my watch, I need to know the time pretty quickly. I don’t have time to try and figure out what exactly my fancy new Japanese timepiece is trying to tell me.

binary flow tokyoflash japan watch

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Tokyoflash E-ink Concept Watch Will Become A Reality If You Vote For It!

I went through a phase where I loved Japanese watches. I still do, but for now, I use my cell phone as a watch. That being said, those guys over at TokyoFlash continue to come up with some great ideas. This time, they’ve created this cool curved E-ink display watch, which might become a reality.

tokyoflash watch e-ink timepiece japan

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