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Range’s Favorite Posts of 2010 Best of 2010: Editor’s Choice


We recently bought a duplex in Urbana-Champaign, IL, and we had to face facts that we didn’t have much space to work with. In essence, we had to be smart. My wife and I enjoy DIY projects and finding cheap ways of making our place look better. We’re not afraid of getting our hands dirty. I love vintage and re-conditioned furniture, because so much of the older stuff still looks so good, once it’s been nicely cleaned up. Here are some of my favorite posts for 2010.

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Top 20 Posts of 2009 @ The Memoirs

It’s the new year and time to look back on what was written on this blog and what was popular. 2009 was the year I came back to Taiwan to be with my wife and pets. It’s always funny to see what kind of posts were popular. Some are just simple links that I post on my blog as asides. Others were full-on articles that I wrote.

2009 was also the first full year that I was a freelancer. I started in 2008 and have started working for different sites. It’s good to be paid to write. Naturally, this has hampered the production of content for this blog, but I still find time to blog every day. From 2007 to 2008, my blog was viewed almost 300,000 times more. There was a modest increase from 2008 to 2009 of about 60,000 views.

In 2009, this blog was viewed between 38,935 times in February to 71,333 times in October. For the whole of 2009, it was viewed 646,974 times.

My plans are to continue writing as much as I can, sharing interesting links and photos, as well as original articles and posts. For 2010, I plan on returning taking photos almost every day as well as returning to writing original fiction and fantasy, something that I’ve put aside for a few months.


Posts: 6,364 (There are still 500 asides that I haven’t rescued.)
Comments: 6,884
Categories: 31
Tags: 7,726

Modern HDR photography, a how-to or Saturday morning relaxation 49,178
On Star Wars: The Saga Of Darth Vader 36,126
Thai tattoo crazy or how racism is the cancer of our society 21,366
The Palm And The World Islands In Dubai 13,266
Understanding modern HDR Photography 11,310
How To Photograph Nude Women 10,791
Bronson Review 8,716
Where The Wild Things Are 7,258
Teaching In Dubai 6,806
Naked People 5,890
Kate Moss Nude NSFW 5,255
Sony Ericsson K810i Cyber-Shot Phone Review 5,018
Giant’s 2010 MTB Line 5,017
Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First 4,788
2010 Giant Road Bicycles 4,732
Woman Vs Men Ideal Sizes 4,394
Britney’s Crotch Shot Mania 4,159
Pagani Zonda F Roadster 3,893
2010 Giant Road Bicycles Redux 3,828
Gossip Girl S01E01 (CW) 3,729

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