50 KM Night Bike Ride

Wilier Cento Uno
Wilier Cento Uno

Today, right after work, I went into Taipei to check up some leads on some bicycle shops. Before committing myself to a Wilier frame, I wanted to make sure that there wasn’t a better deal to be had.

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Emergency Bicycle Tool Kit

Topeak Mini 18+

I haven’t really ridden this hard since I was 15-17 and even back then, I don’t think that I carried much of a toolkit. With bike technology having evolved in the last few years, what does that mean for an emergency toolkit?

For some reason, I’ve been dreaming about this, or more like lucid dreaming, trying to put together a really nifty tool kit. I think the basis of any tool kit is a multi-tool. That I already have. I purchased a Topeak Mini 18+ multi-took last week and I’ve already used it to change tires. Now it comes down to the bag. I don’t want anything too big and it will have to sit underneath my saddle. I don’t want anything MTB specific since I will mostly be on the roads.

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