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Reading Old Man’s War

I’ve been reading John Scalzi’s blog for a few months now. I don’t remember how I stumbled onto it, but it’s pretty entertaining.

I love scifi and discovered yesterday that Old Man’s War had been available on the site for a week (July 20-July 27). I had missed it in the Tor newsletter. Serves me right for shunting that newsletter to a hotmail account, which I only check once ever few weeks.

Anyway, a little searching around and I found Old Man’s War. I started it yesterday and I’m about half-way thru. It’s pretty entertaining. Scalzi has a certain sardonic wit, which translates well into his books.

I like the setting. It reminds me of the Settlers/Spacers/Earthers situation of the Asimov books (Robots of Dawn, Robots and Empire). Earth has become stagnated. It’s been isolated and shut off from space. Colonials have settled systems all around, but they face fierce competition from other alien species. War is breaking out all over the colonies.

Colonials are more technologically advanced than the people from Earth. They found a way to rejuvenate old people so that they can fight in wars. At age 75, US citizens can conscript and get a new lease on life after they complete their 10 year tours. The trouble is that they may not return to Earth and they may not communicate with Earth.

It’s a great concept and it’s very entertaining. I’ll probably finish it today. I’m looking forward to reading his other books as well.

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