Solar Ship: Air Ships Taking To the Skies with the Power of the Sun

I just love airships. I wish I could travel all over the world in an blimp. Sure, it would take longer than a 777, but it would be way more relaxing. I wish that there would be airships all over the place, kind of like in the TV show Fringe.

solar ship airship toronto canada power future flight aviation

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Bianca & Ziploc for Smurfs

She poured some powder out of a tiny plastic envelope. Where do you buy those tiny bags anyway? I mean the ones that look like Ziplocs for Smurfs. Is there a coke dealer supply store out in the suburbs somewhere? Next to Michaels and Best Buy?
Bianco, the covert escort with a day job @ McSweeney’s

Dual Monitor MacBook & Incredible View From Toronto

It’s always inspiring to see the setup that other people use. This setup really made us blink, and take a look again. The dual displays are pretty awesome, but then there’s this incredible view of Toronto, Canada.

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Stainedglass By Posterchild

Incredible street art installations by Posterchild. Posterchild is a graffiti artist from Toronto, Canada. Ona visit to NYC, he blanketed four annoying multimedia screens in with his own signage. These posters simulate a stained glass window. It’s pretty amazing to see. The effect is awesome. Four signs were created: “hold” “fast” and “sell” “out”. It’s incredible how something so ugly can become something so beautiful. (via designbloom)

More On Crystal Castles

More on Crystal Castles and copyright infringement.

Crystal Castles Controversy Redux

The band Crystal Castles (wiki) has allegedly stolen art from Trevor Brown. This accusation stems from the artist Brown.

The art in question (a drawing of Madonna with a black eye) has been used for the cover of a 7″, thousands of t-shirts and was proposed for the cover of their album (which was refused by their distribution company). They have yet to pay Brown for the use of this image.

Crystal Castles say that they have paid the artist and amended the initial contract. Brown’s account is only his side. Please read this to see the other side of the story.

Read Trevor Brown’s side of the story over at his blog.

Winter Wonderland

The Quebec City Parliament. I have taken photos here for the 366photos project. I’ll post them in a few days once I get a multi card reader. I forgot to get one on Monday.

I have made it to Quebec City.

I arrived at around 12:40AM…

I didn’t make my 8:15PM flight from Toronto to Quebec due to the fog and about 18 other people on standby. The whole trip wasn’t that pleasant. Spending over 20 hours in three different airplanes rarely is. It’s about 3:24AM and I’m about to go to bed.

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