Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse & Keyboard for On-the-go Computing

Microsoft has released details on two new products, the Wedge Touch Mouse and the Wedge Touch Keyboard, which look perfect for when you’re on the go and you get tired of using the touch-based keyboard on your tablet.

microsoft wedge touch keyboard mouse

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TOUCHY Human Camera: The Truman Show IRL, Only Bulkier

Are you using your smartphone to Instagram and Tweet photos all over the place? Get into the 21st century, thanks to TOUCHY, Eric Siu’s wearable camera that captures images from the perspective of its wearer.

touchy camera eric siu touch activated

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Touch Pilot S01E01 (Fox)

Touch promo poster, via Wikipedia

I was initially surprised that Kiefer Sutherland was back on network television, but I have always like 24 so I was actually looking forward to the series on Fox. This series was written and created by Tim Kring, who’s known for Heroes. The series uses some of the techniques from that series, so if you’ve watched Heroes, you’ll feel a familiar when watching this. This series is about a dad struggling with his autistic son, who can see strange patterns in numbers. Everything ends up connected, and Martin Bohm soon discovers this.

While I wanted to like the series, I have to say that I was disappointed, mainly because of the  mathematical elements in the series, which are rudimentary to say the least. It’s definitely not a show aimed at anyone familiar with numbers, patterns, and sequences. That being said, the pilot was watched by over 12 million people and the series was picked up for a full season, so maybe it will improve. I’ll give it a shot to see where it goes, but I wasn’t that impressed.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

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Tokyoflash Kisai Rogue Touch Tells Time in Two Time-Zones for Double the Confusion

The Kisai Rogue Touch watch is the latest TokyoFlash watch. It was previously featured on their blog as a concept last November, and now it’s become reality.

tokyoflash kisai rogue touch japan led lcd watch timepiece

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Mutewatch: The Ultimate Minimal Watch

This has to be one of the most minimal watches that I’ve ever seen, and it also has a vibrating alarm function, which is something that I’ve been wanting to see in a watch for a long time. While some people need to hear an alarm, I’ve found that a vibrating alarm is enough to wake me up. The Mutewatch offers a silent alarm and a really cool design to go with it.

minimal watch sweden taiwan vibration mutewatch

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Apps That Get the Most Out of the Trackpad & Magic Mouse

010611_rg_GetMostTrackpad_01.jpgThe one thing that sets MacBooks clearly apart from most other laptops that I’ve used over the years is an expertly designed trackpad. While there could still be some improvements, it’s definitely better to use than trackpads on other laptops. Since Apple released the Trackpad and Magic Mouse, the MacBook trackpad experience can now be ported to iMacs and Mac Pros.

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Disposable Touch Paper Interface: the Way of the Future?

If you ever got a chance to watch the short-lived Caprica, they had a technology just like this. Now, it looks like smart paper could soon be upon us, as the Japanese have come up with some interesting research using paper as a touchscreen. Yes, that’s right, run of the mill paper can serve as a touch-based interface. What will they think of next?

smart paper japanese touch interface japan keio

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Rumor: Next Gen iPods Getting Audio/Video Recording

072909_rg_ipodvideo_01.jpgIt’s apparent that the iPod as you know it will slowly disappear. With a confluence of technology, the devices we know as phones or MP3 players will become more and more interlinked. It’s already happened with the iPhone. Why have an iPod when you can use your iPhone as an iPod? It seems that the new iPod Touch will also take a bite out of the iPhone, by being able to support Skype in its next generation. The next generation of iPod Touches will be getting an audio and video recording capability. Wired seems to have confirmed this from a source inside the factory in China.

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Genius Speakers: With a Touch-Based Interface


The phenomenal success of the iPhone and the iPod Touch has pushed tactile technology to the forefront of designers, manufacturers and consumers. Touch-based screens have existed for a while, but the iPhone really revolutionized the graphic interface with its multi-touch possibilities.

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