Elecom M-TP01DS Wireless Touchpad


Elecom has just introduced their all new wireless touchpad. This Elecom touchpad is compatible with Windows 8 and Windows RT computers and tablets, but not Android devices.

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Intel Nikiski Laptop Gets Transparent Touchpad, Lets You See Through to Your Crotch

While I’m the first to admit that I don’t spend much time looking at my keyboard or touchpad, since I touch type, there’s a reason for having them visible, especially when it’s late at night and you can’t find the right keys. Intel has upped the ante with its Nikiski prototype laptop, which features a see-through touchpad that has a few different features.

intel nikiski laptop transparent touchpad 04

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Acer Aspire Ethos Laptop’s Removable Touchpad Doubles as Remote Control

Acer just released information about their Aspire Ethos 8951G and 5951G laptop models which feature a cool idea – a removable touchpad that doubles as a remote control. It’s going to be an interesting feature and unsurprisingly, the laptops look pretty good as well.

acer aspire ethos laptop removable touchpad

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Look! The Incredible DIY Touchpad

032509_rg_diy_touchpad_01.jpgWhen I first saw this, I had to stop and make sure that I was reading it correctly. Apparently some whiz from Russia put together his own custom touchpad. That’s pretty amazing. I think that it’s really important for technology to return to the users and the makers. I have to say that it looks cool as well.