See What You Print Concept: Tablet + Inkjet Printer

Design company Artefact felt like the printer needed to evolve, which is why they came up with their SWYP concept. The See What You Print machine will feature a paper-sized touchscreen on its top surface, allowing the user to interact with it instead of doing so on the computer.

swyp see what you print printer concept touchscreen artefact

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Isotoner smarTouch Gloves: Winter Won’t Mean No Touchscreen

Winter is coming” might be the catchphrase of the Starks of Winterfell, but sure enough, summer’s coming to a close and before you know it, you’ll be freezing waiting for public transportation. Anyone who’s tried to use their capacitive screen gadgets with normal gloves knows that it’s doomed to failure, unless you use special gloves, like these Isotoner smarTouch. They’ll allow you to continue using your tablet or smartphone no matter how cold it gets.

isotoner smartouch gloves iphone ipad idevice touchscreen winter

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Razer Blade Gaming Laptop: Not the First Gaming Laptop, But it Sure Looks Impressive

While Razer would like to call it the “World’s First True Gaming Laptop,” it certainly isn’t, but the new Razer Blade has got a host of impressive features which might attract hardcore gamers to this platform. It will also be something for users who are looking for high-performance laptops, and don’t want to lug around systems as heavy as traditional gaming PCs.

razer blade gaming laptop sleek

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Ringbow: Put a Ring on It and Enhance Your Touchscreen Control

While I understand that the flat touchscreens may make some people may want an external pointing device for their tablets, it seems to me that ancillary controllers defeat the purpose of actually having a tablet. Sure, typing is a pain, but from my experience, pointing and clicking isn’t. It seems that this concept called the Ringbow would add extra functionality to the touch-screen experience.

ringbow tablet pointer click input device

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Wii 2 Controller to Have 6.2-inch Touchscreen?

Rumors are flying that a new console from Nintendo will ship in the fall. According to various sources, Wii 2, Wii HD or “Project Cafe” as it’s known by insiders, will have one incredible controller/remote. While I don’t know how accurate this IGN mockup is, the idea of a 6.2-inch diagonal touchscreen with 8 buttons is certainly intriguing.


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Do Touch-Based All-in-one Computers Make Sense?

021111_rg_TouchBasedPCs_01.jpgWhile we love using iPads and iPhones, we have to say that we are somewhat dubious about using a touch-based all-in-one PC at home. HP and a few other manufacturers don’t see this as a problem. The new TouchSmart comes with a swivel screen, allowing for easier access when manipulating the computer with gestures.

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Massive Curved Touchscreen Measures 33-Feet Wide

After that 200-inch monster 3D screen from yesterday, it looks like the touchscreen guys wanted us to know they could keep up. This enormous multi-touch screen measures about 33 feet wide. Now that is pretty big. According to my (basic) math, that’s 396 inches wide!


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Do You Want Touchscreen Displays On Your Appliances?

011911_rg_LargeTouchscreenApp_01.jpgPeople seem to love colors touchscreen displays, which is why they are starting to pop up in the kitchen. Do you think that having a touchscreen on your oven or washer is really necessary? Sure, they can be fun to visualize data, but it seems like manufacturers are putting touchscreens everywhere.

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Microsoft Surface 2: Cool and Expensive Enterprise Toy

It’s not only iOS devices that have a good grasp of touchscreen UIs, Microsoft isn’t bad at them either. However, there are only a few computers available that allow you to use gestures, and one of those is the Microsoft Surface. At CES 2011, M$ unveiled their next-generation Surface 2 tabletop computers.

microsoft surface computing touchscreen

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Medion: Great Looking Multi-Touch Computer and HDTV

083109_rg_medion_01.jpgAs full tower desktops become rarer and laptops become ubiquitous with modern daily life, it’s apparent that desktops and HDTVs will become one functional device at a certain point. More and more all-in-one desktops are being released. It’s only a matter of time before all HDTVs come with complete integrated computers.

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