365 Stormtroomer Strange Situations

Artist Stefan Le Dû recently completed this series of photos about the everyday life for a pair of stormtroopers from Star Wars who find themselves in strange and comical situations.


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Working LEGO Printer Uses Felt-Tip Pens: Say What?

I know that LEGO bricks can be used to make many things, but this is the first time that I’ve seen them being used for making fully-functional printer.

lego printer squirrelfantasy felt-tip hack toy cool

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The Secret Life of Star Wars Toys

I really like this series of photos that shows us what all those Star Wars toys are up to after hours. Sure, keeping them in their boxes might preserve their resell value, but hey, toys need to have a life too!

toys star wars secret life marker photos

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Robo-Rex Combines LEGOs and Robots With Dinosaurs

This just can’t get any better: mash up robots with dinosaurs and LEGO bricks and you’ve got Robo-Rex. Could we want more?

robo-rex lego robot dinosaur toys cool

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Cylon Teddy Bear: You Will Be Assimilated!

Teddy bears are supposed to be all cute and fuzzy, but what happens when an intrepid DIY-enthusiast decides to make one look like a Cylon?

cylon robot teddy bear toy diy

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Micro RC Helicopters Are A Perfect Way to Waste Time At The Office

I have to say that I have always wanted to pilot a radio-controlled helicopter, though I’ve learned that doing so isn’t as easy as I initially had thought. Experienced R/C pilots have told me that helicopters are really hard to pilot. This is why I love these new Blade ‘copters, which are made for beginners.

blade radio-control toy helicopter

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Parrot AR Drone Helicopter Has Streaming Video And Iphone Controls

This new toy is so cool that I’m almost speechless. It’s a quadricopter and it’s got a camera on board!

ar drone helicopter quadricopter toy remote control

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LEGO Star Wars Rebel Frigate Is Frakkin’ Huge

This LEGO replica of a rebel frigate from Star Wars is an impressive 4 -feet, 6-inches long. I don’t know exactly how long it took or how many LEGO bricks were used, but it sure looks amazing.

The frigate in action

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LEGOs On Hoth

The Y-Wing's only problem by Avanaut

Finnish photographer Avanaut has some incredibly beautiful photos of LEGO Star Wars toys on Hoth, the arctic planet upon which the Rebel Alliance has a base in Empire Strikes Back. Check out his Flickr set.

If you’re curious how this was done, you can check it out here.

Kottke On How to Revive Dead Play-Doh

Kottke discovers the secret way of reviving dead and dried out Play-Doh.