Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard & Trackpad: Made for Mac

If you’ve got a Mac, but simply can’t stand the Apple wireless keyboard or Magic Trackpad for some reason, you’ve now got another option because Logitech has just unveiled a wireless keyboard and trackpad, made especially for Mac.

logitech keyboard trackpad bluetooth mac

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Tricking Out the Apple Magic Trackpad

101111_rg_TrackPadAddOns_01.jpgEver since the Apple Magic Trackpad was released, people have been claiming that it’s going to lead to the death of the mouse. While we believe such predictions are bit too early to state, we do think the Magic Trackpad and gesture based navigation has a lot going for it beyond the realm of the mouse, especially when you add features like the following…

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Tools to Wrangle & Corral Your Mac Trackpad

062911apple-trackpad.jpgSince we updated our laptop to a MacBook Pro, we haven’t had any use for a mouse. While we intensely disliked touchpads on PC laptops, Apple has just nailed it with the their glass Trackpad. Here’s a few ideas and resources for squeezing out more utility from your Trackpad or Magic Trackpad…

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$249 Crux Loaded Case Turns Your iPad into a Netbook: Why?

While I can appreciate Logitech’s iPad case, which protects your tablet and has a smartly hidden keyboard, I have trouble considering the $249 Crux Loaded as a worthwhile alternative, since the iPad is already costly. Instead of doing this, you could simply just buy a MacBook Air and be done with it.

crux loaded case ipad 2 keyboard tablet transformer trackpad

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iTablet Bluetooth Thumb Keyboard & Trackpad Combo

While it may look easy to type on a touch-screen, it’s really anything but that. Most likely, you’ll end up typing faster using a device with some kind of tactile response. That’s where the iTablet Thumb Keyboard comes in.


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Celluon Evomouse Turns Any Surface Into a Virtual Trackpad

While it might look cute, Celluon‘s Evomouse is actually pretty useful. The dog-like device uses an IR sensor to track your finger movements, turning any flat surface into a virtual trackpad, yearning to replace your mouse.

celluon evomouse input device computing ir sensor

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Apps That Get the Most Out of the Trackpad & Magic Mouse

010611_rg_GetMostTrackpad_01.jpgThe one thing that sets MacBooks clearly apart from most other laptops that I’ve used over the years is an expertly designed trackpad. While there could still be some improvements, it’s definitely better to use than trackpads on other laptops. Since Apple released the Trackpad and Magic Mouse, the MacBook trackpad experience can now be ported to iMacs and Mac Pros.

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Converting Your Apple Magic Trackpad to USB Power

Unless you’re planning on using the Apple Magic Trackpad with your laptop, it’s hard to try and find reasons why this new peripheral can only use batteries. It’s true this use of batteries is wasteful, and a USB-version would be much more appropriate. Until Apple comes up with this option, you can always hack your Magic Trackpad.

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Using The Multi-Touch Glass Trackpad On Your MacBook

11109appleinstructs.jpgThere are a lot of MacBooks out there, but someone pointed out to us that not everyone is using the glass trackpad to its full multi-touch potential, especially if you’ve just bought your first Mac. With this being said, we’ve decided give a few pointers on how to use that fancy new trackpad.

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