Transcend Wants to Make a 2TB Flash Drive: Yes Please!

Apparently, Transcend is working on a 2 terabyte USB 3.0 flash drive. I think that’s about the best news that I’ve heard recently, because flash drives can never be big enough. The mythical 2TB drive will “be no longer than a human thumb and only a hair thicker than a penny”. Famous last words or will we see these soon?

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Transcend 64GB USB Flash Drive


Transcend just announced the launch of its new 64 GB JetFlash V20 high-capacity USB flash drive. The V20 comes in an attractive shaped slightly pearly case with a semi-tranparent color-brand that lights up when in use.

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A Rangemobile On The Storytree

A while ago, I lent my USB flash drive to my wife. I had aptly named it the Rangemobile. As you might have guessed, Range has been my nickname all of my life. The origins go back deep into childhood, but that’s another story.

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