Tumi Dror Backpack: The Transformer Bag

It’s probably happened to you. You’re walking along with a briefcase or other bag and realize that it’s getting too heavy. You wish that you had taken a backpack. That’s the basic idea behind the Dror Backpack from Tumi. This expandable and transformable backpack will give you the best of all bag worlds – for a price.

dror backpack tumi transformer

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The Expandable Wider Yacht: Transformer of the Sea

Ever wanted a yacht? How about one that works like a Transformer? This new yacht expands so that you can enjoy it even more. Once fully-deployed, this yacht ends up with a walkable surface of 193.5 square feet with a width of 21.6 feet, which was apparently unthinkable a couple of years ago for a 42 foot yacht.

wider expandable yacht boat transformable

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LEGO + Transformer + Game Boy: A 1980s Three-fer

This LEGO Game Boy build has all of the right influences, from LEGO bricks, to Transformers when they were still in cartoon format, and naturally that good old green-screened Game Boy that I played until the screen broke.

domaster lego brick game boy transformer 01

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Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard: Transforming Your iPad 2 in Style

Logitech has just announced another Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad. It’s called the Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard, and I like it mainly because it folds up and tucks underneath your iPad 2. The only question now is do you want this one or the Logitech Keyboard Case? Each has its own advantages.

logitech fold-up keyboard ipad input mobile

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Boxetti Transformer Home Theater Is Pricey, Yet Fugly

This home theater system transforms from a display case to a full-on entertainment center. That’s cool, but don’t get your hopes up. It’s way too expensive. Plus, it’s way too ugly.

boxetti home theater transformer

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