Recycled Steel Ravage Transformer: An Oldie but a Goldie

For his day job, Alan Yang sells hand-painted bone China wares, but this robot is anything but that. He’s also one of those Chinese guys who likes to make awesome steel Transformers, and is part of the crew that made some of those gigantic IRL metallic bots. This Ravage Transformer is one of his own though and I have to say that I quite like it.

alan yang transformers ravage steel china

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2,000-Pound Transformers Cake: Autocakebot

While Transformers cakes are nothing new, there’s got to be something strange going on in the heads of people behind this humongous cake. This gigantic Transformers cake was made to celebrate Michael Bay’s upcoming Tranformers: Dark of Moon movie, which comes out in a few days. It weighs about 2,000 pounds and is shaped like a Chevy Camaro.

transformers cake bumblebee buddy valastro novelty dark of moon

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Thai Sculptor Transforms Scrap Cars Into Massive Transformer Sculptures

What is it about Transformers that gets people so juiced up? I don’t know, but maybe it’s all of those hours watching the animated series back when we were all kids. Check out these massive Transformers sculptures that measure between 8 and 19 feet-tall. 

anchalee saengtai sculptures transformers gigantic enormous ripleys robots

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Geeky Motorcycle Helmets Look Great, Might Not Save Your Life

While I agree that these motorcycles helmets that Tigerpause444 created look pretty cool, all of his creations aren’t road legal, so no one will be starting a geeky biker club anytime soon. Still, they are interesting and distinctive.

iron man helmet tigerpause444 motorcycle fan art

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Scrap Metal Transformers Join Megatron

Remember the Chinese dude who built himself a 5-ton Megatron? Well, the man going by the nickname “Steel Legend” is back and he’s made a bunch more scrap metal Transformers, from Autobots to Decepticons. He sure love robots. And these robots sure love junk!

china transformers scrap metal sculpture

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Transformers Scrap Metal Megatron Tank: Ready to Take Over the World

This amazing Transformers Megatron tank sculpture was created in China and it’s a pretty impressively large thing, weighing in at almost 5 tons. The tank was created by Jiang Chen and Yang Junlin’s Wing Wah ironworks factory.

megatron tank transformers sculpture china wing wah

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More Transformers Peripherals: From Mice to USB Hubs

052209_rg_transformers_mice_01.jpgWell, we’ve just made a little discovery. There are more devices in disguise available out there for all of you Transformers nuts. Transformers are pretty close to LEGOs in their universal appeal to the male gender, since they all used to be little boys at some point. Transforming robots are just plain cool. I can remember fondly the Transformers that could be made into 3 different shapes or the ones that assembled to make a giant robot.

Transformer Shelf: Shapechanging To Suit Your Needs

The storage and shelving needs of people evolve. Nowhere is this more evident than in Martin Sämmer’s Transformer Shelf. Not only can it be modified to suit your needs, and the storage and shelving needs that you might have in the future, it can also be used as a good HDTV stand. It has so many uses, you’ll be astonished! It also just looks good.


The first week that I arrived in Quebec, it was summer 1986 right past June, I was living in a hotel on Boulevard Laurier. It was warm and pleasant. I was amazed at all the cartoons. Even more amazed that they were in English.

G.I.Joe and the Transformers became a mainstay of my childhood. They replaced X-OR Le Sheriff de l’espace, M.A.S.K., He-Man and other favorites. For some reason, at my international school in Strasbourg, I didn’t have classes on Wednesdays. I did have classes till noon on Saturdays. Wednesday mornings were spent watching Dorothée on Antenne 2 (her wiki entry).

France was pretty mild. There was snow, but it wasn’t too cold. It was nice during the rest of the year, kind of like Heidelberg where I was born. Even though the Alsatian city was only 45 minutes away from Heidelberg, I rarely saw my friends from Germany anymore, except Jacob and Jamila.

One of the first things that I did on that first day in that hotel room, was step out onto the balcony. I walked through the door and… My foot went through something! My foot had gone through the mosquito screen. I had never heard or seen a mosquito screen before, but I understood the concept pretty quickly. Anyways, needless to say that it was toast. From then on, I looked carefully at patio doors, to make sure that the screen was retracted before going through.

This wasn’t the first time that I had trouble with doors, but that’s another story.