Microsoft Universal Translator: Star Trek Gets Real

Anyone who’s used Google Translate on a mobile device on the go has realized how close we are to getting a universal translator. While Google Translate isn’t always accurate, it does the job well enough for you to be able to get the gist of another language that you don’t speak. Now, Microsoft is trying to come up with their own software that will translate multiple languages, speaking with a synthetic version of your own voice.

star trek universal translator

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Translate Emoticons From Japanese to English

If you thought that emoticons were the same in all languages, you’d be dead wrong. Just check out the differences between English emoticons and their Japanese equivalents courtesy of Wired’s handy English-to-Japanese emoticon cheat sheet.


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A Fleur de Peau

Eva Herzigova photographed by Matthew Brookes in Le Monde
Eva Herzigova photographed by Matthew Brookes in Le Monde

À Fleur de Peau
-close to the surface of the skin

Though I don’t agree with that translation. À fleur de peau is also used to describe when your skin becomes extremely sensitive to anything that touches it, being sensitive.

-not going deeper than the surface of the skin

Google Translation Bots

Google translation bots are available since Christmas via Google Talk to translate on the fly.