Sleepless In Ottawa

On Tuesday night, I packed my lunch. I had bought bus tickets to get to Ottawa earlier that day. I had planned on either arriving early and then meeting up with someone from Couchsurfing, or leaving as late as possible and managing until 9AM when the TECO office in Ottawa opened.

Needless to say that I didn’t get in contact with someone in Couchsurfing. There are only two people in Ottawa. So I got onto the bus at 8PM. I was surprised. The bus was very comfortable and I had space for my legs. That usually isn’t the case. The last time I had taken the bus was in 2006 on a similar trip to Ottawa right before leaving Montreal. That trip was hellish. I won’t get into to many details, but in the end, I had to charter a cab for 300$ to drive me back to Montreal, since if I had taken the bus, I wouldn’t have made my flight. Traffic was killer in Montreal and I had to meet my wife directly at the airport. I forgot to pack a few items.

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Heading To Ottawa

I’m heading to Ottawa to get my visa for Taiwan tonight. I’ll arrive during the night and I’ll have a few hours to kill before the TECO office opens at 9AM. I’ve got all my papers sorted out, it should be very quick and fast.

I’m back in Quebec in about 24 hours. I’m leaving for Taiwan at 6:35AM on Friday. I’ll arrive at about 9PM on Saturday. I’ll have a few hours to kill in the HK airport, but that’s always been the case.

Taiwan Here I Come

My flights are booked and I arrive on Saturday in Taiwan.

It’s going to be a hectic few days in order to prepare everything, but I’m already almost set.

I’m not sure if I will try out couchsurfing or not. I’ve tried contacting a guy and we’ll see what happens. If I can’t set it up in time, I’ll have to leave in the early hours of Wednesday morning, around 3AM most likely. That way, I’m sure to arrive at 8AM to the TECO office in Ottawa.

I barely slept last night because I my flights weren’t confirmed and I hadn’t yet spoken to my boss in detail about my upcoming departure. Turns out that my flights were confirmed and my boss was really nice and guaranteed me a job when I come back in late August.

My wife has already found me a few little jobs in Taiwan, which is pretty sweet. I’ve sent out a few CVs, but I’m looking for sub work. Or full time employment during the summer.

Tomorrow, I’ll see if I can find a place on Allo-Stop. I doubt that it will work out. Most likely, I’ll use the bus and arrive in Ottawa at around 8PM.

If Couchsurfing doesn’t pan out, I’ll leave early Wednesday morning.


When you travel to a new city in a foreign country, Couchsurfing lets you connect with local people and sleep on their couch. (via suitcasing)

More Buses Near The Storytree

Photo by Wayne SQ Girard.

One time I was coming home from school. I didn’t notice that I got onto the wrong bus. This bus brought me into the middle of the city. I didn’t know what to do and got off almost at the end of the line. I managed to figure out where I was. I don’t really know how I did this.

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Singing Things

On the flight over, I was sure that I heard the plane singing to me. It was strange, but I’ve had things sing to me before. There is a piece of highway between Ottawa and Montreal that used to sing to me for a few kilometers.

I was tired. When the mind is really tired, strange things start to happen. Hallucinations, visual and auditory are possible. This has happened to me before. I did an experiment during which I stayed awake for 56 hours straight. I had hallucinations then as well.

Thailand Wat Phra Kaew – Initial Shots

Well, I’ve started going through my archives. For some reason, Zooomr has trouble with the tag words that I added to my photos. Bear in mind that I have 10234 photos uploaded and since they went into Mark III, searching through my photos is tedious at best.

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