Luminair Tree Tent: The Architects’ Treehouse

It’s always been fun to climb trees, and I guess that it’s cool to have some sort of high perch in your garden or in the wilderness to look out from. While you won’t be dragging this unwieldy tent around anytime soon, it’s certainly an interesting way of setting up a treehouse for adults.

luminair tree tent 1

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Resurrecting the American Chestnut Tree

American chestnuts in the Great Smokey Mountains of North Carolina in 1910.

American chestnut trees are hard to breed but easy to kill. Scientists are trying to see if a hybrid of the Chinese and American chestnut tree will have enough resistance genes to keep the fungus called chestnut blight at bay.

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Fungus Transforms North American Red Turpentine Beetle into Tree Killer in Asia


Microbial evolution has turned a mild-mannered North American beetle into a tree killer in Asia. The red turpentine beetle, Dendroctonus valens, is a wood-boring species native to North America. D. valens is unremarkable and harmless in its native region. However once it migrated to China, it wiped out more than seven million pines in the past 12 years, and it’s poised to spread throughout much of Asia and Europe.

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Christmas at the Skywalkers’, LEGO Style

This shot of Luke and Leia decorating the Xmas tree does look quite funny, though the idea of a dead Vader head on as a tree-topper is a bit morbid. Either way, even with Darth Vader gone, the Skywalkers still have to celebrate Christmas, even if they are in a galaxy far, far away.

Skywalkers Star Wars Christmas LEGO 01

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130-Pound Hollowed Out Tree Trunk iPod Speaker: Neat But Heavy

I don’t really know why you would use a 130-pound log as an iPod speaker, but I guess the contrast that this creates between the high-tech looks of the iPod and the rough and rugged looks of the log are kind of cool.

itree kmkg tree ipod speaker natural accoustic

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Peter Terren’s Tesla Coil Christmas Tree

Christmas trees haven’t changed much in decades, but this innovative Christmas tree blows all of the others away, thanks to the use of a Tesla coil.

Malus Communis: Turn your DVD Rack into a Tree

Most shelves are very boring. You know the drill, you need a no-nonsense place for all your DVDs, CDs, books and video games. Most living rooms have a mismatched array of shelves in order to store all of those things. In fact, we just get used to having our stuff stored this way. But what if someone found a better way to store our stuff, a way that’s different and interesting? That’s what Malus Communis is, and we think it’s really great to store things this way.