Cloud Forest Trees Depend on Fog

Cloud Forest Trees Absorb Water Through Their Leaves From Fog

Trees in Costa Rica, as well as a number of plant species, in the tropical cloud forests quench their thirst by directly ingesting fog droplets through their leaves. These forests are in danger because of climate change, and a new study indicates that they’re even more fragile than previously thought.

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Bacterial Disease Threatens Coconut Gene Bank


A bacterial disease outbreak is threatening a collection of 3,200 coconut palms in the South Pacific. This gene bank is located in Papua New Guinea and is part of an international collection of the South Pacific’s coconut species.

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UK’s 90 Million Ash Trees Are Likely to be Wiped Out


The UK’s new plan that will deal with ash disease might not come in time, as most of the country’s 90 million ash trees are likely to be wiped out. Ash dieback is caused by the fungus Chalara fraxinea and it will probably kill 99% of the ash trees in the UK.

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What to Do With Your Christmas Tree After the Holidays


For many families, Christmas isn’t Christmas without some kind of a Christmas tree. When I was younger, there was always a real Christmas tree in our home, and it usually lasted well past the holidays, decorations included. However, there comes a time when you need to get rid of your tree. How can you dispose of it responsibly?

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Tree Rings Reveal What Led To Angkor Wat’s Downfall

Thousand year old trees are revealing what exactly happened to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and what let to its downfall.

Tati and Kigocoro Lamps: Strange Looking Trees

041409_rg_tatikigocorolamps_01.jpgLights can be easily used to enhance the look of any room. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make a living room look good. Just like a great tie, great lights make a world of difference. They can make a room look great. The two lamps that we present in this post are unique and for some reason, both of them remind us of trees. The Tati lamp can be used as a desk lamp or a coffee table lamp, whereas the Kigocoro lamp fits in nicely in the living room.

10 Of The World’s Most Magnificent Trees

10 of the world’s most magnificent trees.