Taipei International Cycle Show Part 1


I arrived early on the first day of the Taipei International Cycle Show. It took a while to get my pass in order. My friend who had a ticket breezed through. As I entered 1F of the expo, I started walking around.

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Trek District Review

An interesting review on the Trek District, a belt-driven single-speed bike. From what I’ve heard, they are difficult to obtain. The bike looks great and I think that Trek did a good job with it, however for that price, you can easily find a great fixed gear bike.

30 KM Bike Ride

Spains Alerto Contador of team Astana
Spain's Alberto Contador of team Astana

Today, after the thunderstorm, I went out on my bike. It was a nice time to go out, the temperature was about 30-35C. I couldn’t really tell, I was too busy pedaling. This time, I really gave it my all and the bike path was extremely busy. That just motivated me more to pass all of those leisure bikers.

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45 Km Bike Ride Banciao Bitan Banciao

Well, after having done some service on my bike and having changed the tires, and using the Weatherunderground to avoid rainshowers, I headed out for a ride. I noticed that this week, I had put on a bit of weight since I hadn’t trained, so I was extra motivated.

What a difference thinner slick tires make! I was going pretty fast, heading up to 45kph on parts. I made it to Biton in about 31 minutes. I knew that my way back wasn’t going to be that fast, but still, I was impressed by the wheels. I can only imagine how fast you can go on something like the Giant TCR Advanced SL 0. Once I get that bike, I actually plan on getting another frame so that when I upgrade certain parts on the SL 0, they’ll have a place to be fixed upon.

After I got back to Banciao, I had a last bit to do before heading home. Naturally, something happened, but that will be for a later post.

All in all, I covered 45 km in about 70 minutes. That’s an average speed of about 39kph.

45 km Bike Ride Banciao Bitan

I started out the same way that I did yesterday. The only difference was when I got over the Xiaolong bridge, I would just ride further away. I made all the way into Bitan before deciding to turn around. The bike paths on that side of Taipei are very nice. They snake around and lead you away from the city.

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Airnimal Ultimate Folders

Airnimal Chameleon Ultra
Airnimal Chameleon Ultra

The Airnimal Chameleon Ultra is supposed to be the ultimate folder. Granted, it has 24″ wheels and comes with Dura-Ace components, but spending $4,300 on a folder? With a wee bit more money spent, you could bet a Trek Madone 6.9 Pro Red! Well, that’s actually $2K more, but you get the idea. That Madone is one sexy bike in Astana team colors. Giant makes the MR4F that looks comparable to the Chameleon, but it has some Shimano entry group set. It’s not the same caliber bike, but it only costs a few hundred dollars.

On another note, I love bikes, but I can’t really see myself in a recumbent bike. I think that the goal of bike performance is to keep the weight down. Recumbent bikes are just too heavy in my opinon. Also, they are unwieldy. You can’t really compare if you have a 15lbs carbon fiber road bike vs a larger, heavier recumbent bike. Anyway, I’m sure that recumbents are fine for some people. They just aren’t for me.

First Week Back in Taiwan

And it’s like I never left. I go to the same places for breakfast and lunch. My dog gets his walks and my wife tells me that it’s like I never left. Taiwan is a place of contrasts, of loves and hates. I enjoyed my first long ride on our scooter, Old Nancy, which, despite having remained completely stationary for 9 months, is up and working again after having a short check-up at our local scooter place.

This time around, I’ve decided to try and interact/integrate myself as much as possible with Taiwan. It’s not even been a week, and I already got invited to a dinner with some locals. I’m using some of the people I know in our neighborhood to show me around, to find the places to run errands. I don’t really want to drive into Taipei each day.

Old Nancy… She’s old, but I still managed to rack up 10,000NTD worth of speeding fines. That’s only about $300, but that’s a lot in Taiwan. The year before, it was 7,800NTD. This time, I managed to get all of these fines in a very short amount of time. 2 months I believe.

It’s started raining earnestly. I was about to head out for a bike ride, but decided against it when I saw the weather forecast. I had a nice 13.5 km ride mapped out. I hope that it won’t be raining tomorrow morning. I can then head out. I wonder why I didn’t do this before. I could also run that. It’s not that long and I think after two weeks, I can probably swing that distance easily.

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Trek Pro Deal

Trek Madone 6.9 Pro Red in Astana team colors
Trek Madone 6.9 Pro Red in Astana team colors

For some reason, you can get almost $3,000 off the Trek Madone 6.9 Pro Red. Usual MSRP for this bike is $9,129. I don’t really know why this is, but this puts the Trek top of the line model in a different light. Second hand, a bike like that would normally fetch around $6,000. This means that the prices will have to come down for used models as well. If I’d have the money, I’d buy a new model right away.

The Madone 6.9 Pro Red is the top of the line model. If you leave out the Red part of the name, you’ll end up with Dura Ace components, which are a bit more expensive than SRAM Red. There are a lot of deals on different Trek bikes if you look through the ad.

October 15 2008

Lorenzos bike arrives from Switzerland
Lorenzo's bike arrives from Switzerland

Dreams And Bikes

Specialized S-Works Epic Carbon
Specialized S-Works Epic Carbon

In my apartment, we don’t dream of Ferraris or sports cars, we dream of the latest Pinarello Prince Carbon road bicycle, or the Scott Genius Limited, or the Trek Madone 6.9 Pro, Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL2, Canondale Scalpel Team, or the Specialized S-Works Epic.

It’s a healthy place to be. No one eats processed food, we all train for cycling, running and triathlons. I like it.