The State of Trials of Osiris In Season of the Chosen (Destiny 2 S13)

Trials has always been an issue with the D2 community. There’s this meme of how they wanted to ship trials right. Instead, we got a playlist populated by cheaters and account recoveries, also ultra sweat lords.

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Destiny 2 S10 Crucible Meta: Hard Light OP?

With each new season of Destiny 2 comes a new sandbox, and each comes with slight adjustments. As such, each season has its own meta, a set of weapons that everyone will use when playing PvP. The new season came with a good buff for assault rifles (600-720 rpm). This meant that they would be used a lot more than previously.

Chelation-Therapy Heart Trial Criticized


There are millions of Americans seeking the use of complementary medicines, and many researchers applaud efforts to test and debunk folk treatments. However, what happens when such an alternative therapy actually works?

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