A Metric Century Night Bike Ride

Kuota KOM

I was way too tired last week to go out on bike rides. I was back at teaching fulltime, around 28 hours a week, on top of that, I was covering some freelance blog posts at Unplggd. That meant that I was going to bed very late and waking up early. My system included a three to four-hour night, a 30 minute noon-time nap, and a 2-hour nap after work. I don’t think this system works well. I totally broke down on Saturday and slept 16 hours.

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50 KM Bike Ride

I wasn’t teaching today in the afternoon, so I took the opportunity to catch up on some sleep. I usually get 5 hours sleep each night during the week, so a nap really helps out. Since I didn’t have any other plans than training, I took a longer nap.

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65 KM Bike Ride

Today, I made the mistake of having something to eat a few hours before my bike ride. That meant that I started getting drowsy about an hour after having eaten. That didn’t bode well for the bike ride. I debated between taking a nap or heading out on the bike. The weather was scorching hot and I almost went to take a nap.

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Bike Pacing

Kuota time trial bike
Kuota time trial bike

Well, I’ve learned quite a few things over the last two weeks. I’ve learned to push myself even when you just want to stop, to go out even when things aren’t perfect.

The main thing that I have to learn is to pace myself over larger distances. I usually tend to ride short and fast rides, kind of like time trial rides. I want to be able to ride really long stages, like about 150 km comfortably in one ride. Today, I plan on heading out and trying for a 70-100 km ride. I foresee that my pace will be slower than for the shorter rides, but it should be good. I’ve noticed yesterday that I could have easily ridden more, but the sun was setting and it was getting dark.

This means that I can up the length of my daily rides up to 60-70 km easily.

34 KM Bike Ride

Today I had initially planned on doing a 70 km ride, but I started out a bit late. I just finished watching Stage 7 highlights from the Tour de France. It was very exciting. I left the house at 5PM. It was my luck that it actually started drizzling, even after I had checked the Weather Underground’s hourly updates. The WU said that there was 0% chance of rain, but there was.

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6 KM

Well, I’m disappointed that my right knee is still bugging me. Tonight during our run, it was the outside of my knee that was acting up. The back tendon wasn’t as sore. Still it slowed me down considerably. I ran a shorter distance though, which was actually what was recommended for me. If it continues like this, I won’t be able to take part of the running workouts with the triathlon team, which are demanding physically.

I’m a lot slower than before as well. I completed 6 km in 35:24. I usually run 7.8 km in 42 minutes. 9.2 in 47. This is really slow. Also, I have to take frequent brakes because my knee is acting up. I might see a physiotherapist tomorrow to see what’s up with that.

This is the route we took to the oval. We ran another 1.6 km there. The good news is that yesterday, my left knee was hurting more. My left was sore. My left knee was fine today. Hopefully by the weekend, I’m going to be feeling faster. It’s really annoying to run so slow.

7.5 KM

I went running tonight in 1C weather. It was snowing. It had been a week since I last rand and it showed. I stopped a few times. This is the route we took to the 1.4 km oval at les Plaines D’Abraham. My roommate came with me and I was glad. I didn’t want to overdo it, so I took it easy.

Our speed was 10 kph and we completed our run in 45:45. It’s a lot slower than a week and a half ago, but I wasn’t pushing the pace and we took some walking breaks which were calculated in the total time.

I had some running tights, tuque, gloves, a baselayer, a midlayer and my Arc’Teryx coat. I was comfortable. The wind and the hills were harsh but felt good. I had to stop running because the tendon in the back of my leg was acting up. I’ve been told it’s because I was running too much too fast. Hopefully, I’ll be able to clock in some major mileage over the next week.

The Biggest Problem With Losing Lots Of Weight

Since January 2008, I’ve lost about 50 lbs. Since this summer, because of my training efforts, I’ve gained some weight back in musces, mostly on my legs. I’ve noticed more muscles in my upper body as well, muscles that weren’t there last year.

Now I have to agree that I had some extra weight on my body. This has started accumulating since I started working in finance in 2003. The constant meals at restaurants, being always on the road and not working out took its tool. In 2006, I ran for six months 4.2 km a day. I wasn’t running very fast and I hurt my knee at some point and stopped running altogether. I was planning on starting up again, but them we moved to Asia to teach English.

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Training Update

I’ve had to take Saturday and Sunday off training because of the back tendon in my knee. It’s been hurting since last Sunday and has stopped me from running at my full pace. I didn’t want to make the situation worse, so I didn’t go running on Saturday or Sunday.

Tomorrow, I’ll likely start my swimming training with the triathlon club. I’m half dreading it and half anticipating it. I haven’t been swimming in a while and I don’t know what my improved stamina will do for my swimming speed.

It’s gotten pretty cold in Quebec in the mornings. Temperature was at about -3C this morning, which is pretty cold. Well, not that cold, but cold when you go out running.

Training Regimen

My right knee is hurting a bit. The tendons are a bit sore since my 14km run of last Sunday. I haven’t had time to recuperate since I ran on Wednesday and Friday. I was thinking about going running today, but I didn’t go. It would have been too much. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do this next week.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to go run tomorrow with the Running Room people. I’ll go for a long run as well, the longest available. It should be around 16-18km. I have a feeling that I won’t be running fast, but at least I’ll be running.

I definitely do appreciate the different between the Running Room runs and the triathlon training. Both get me out of my comfort zone. Now all that’s left is to start swimming with them as well. I have the schedule and I’ll probably join them starting on Monday.