A Vacation from Power: A Storm, Angry Birds, Jonathan Franzen @ The Firmuhment

Long post by Justin Wolfe over at the Firmuhment. In it, the talks about being left without power during Memorial Day, playing Angry Birds Rio naked with his girlfriend, and Jonathan Franzen. I think it’s about 12,000 words long.

Are Facts Too Confusing? Try Fake Science

Are facts too confusing for you? Then you should try out Fake Science. It will answer all of your questions without those pesky, annoying facts that everyone keeps flaunting around.

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Vivia’s Reply

That’s a bit harsh there Viv, sure it sucks when someone steals your photo from the internet and uses it as their profile pic, but it’s not the end of the world.

Jakob Lodwick Happy Vs Unhappy

I hate to say this to you Jakob, but unhappy you looks a lot better than happy you. I guess it’s the glasses. They are über dorky. So dorky it’s scary.

Reblogging Julia Vs Julia Allison On ABC

Reblogging Julia vs Julia Allison are featured in an article on ABC News.

Mareen Fischinger On Apple

I just don’t understand why the removeable padded laptop case in that bag is suggesting a non-MacBook format. Whom do they expect to use equipment of such complexity in connection with a Windows machine?

Ok, I kind of don’t know what to say about that comment… Suffice it to say that a lot of people are on Windows laptops. They are cheaper and extremely customizable. I work on an Asus W7S and it works like a charm. There are a lot of photographers on Windows laptops as well.

And there are a lot of 13.3 sized Windows laptops out there that fit exactly into MacBook storage solutions.