Jason From Fairwheel Bikes Reviews & Tests 28 Hubs

A few of the different hubs that were tested

Jason from Fairwheel Bikes put together this comprehensive review of 28 different hubs. I’m currently reading it right now and I always enjoy Jason’s thoughts on components.

2010 Velocite Millennium

Finished my Velocite Millennium build

I picked up my bike, the Velocite Millennium, on Thursday and saw it getting put together most of this week. I wasn’t satisfied with the Into Race ceramic BB, so I had it replaced with the SRAM Red one.

The bike has got a titanium/red color scheme going. I couldn’t decide on which handlebar tape to put on Wednesday and finally decided on the Cinelli Bubble Ribbon tape. It matches great with the red logos, the red cables, red accents on the tires and seat, and the red colors of the rim.

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Weight Weenie-ism

TRP 960 SL brakes

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been pondering what to do about my premium bike. I’d like to build up a mid 4-kilogram weight weenie. These bikes are somewhat different than the ones that I had previously in my dream stable of road bikes.

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